-With an experience of more than fifteen years bringing Latin American art to the world, we unify our art and photography fairs, and our cooperation and integration programs, under the Pinta brand; renewing our purpose of highlighting and enhancing the talent of emerging and established artists linked to the region.


Pinta fuses a shared vision and reaffirms its passion and dedication for the art of Latin America with a more integral dimension of identity. Since creating BAphoto in 2005, Pinta in 2007, and PArC in 2013, the American paradigms have shifted and with it, the fairs grew in trajectory.

Pinta Miami, Pinta PArC, Pinta BAphoto and Pinta Sud come together now in a same universe that connects, summons and attracts artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners, public / private institutions and art lovers in general in an ecosystem that promotes talent and management.


With the support and strategic perspective of FutureBrand, a global brand transformation company, the Pinta Group brands are arranged in a portfolio aimed at generating value in general and particular terms. Pinta's renewed identity reflects the spirit of a Group in constant growth that sets and consolidates trends.


With a professional team led by Diego Costa Peuser and transversal to different business units, Pinta Art moves forward with an innovative spirit and an authentic commitment to promote and give visibility to the work and perspective of artists as they conceive the Latin American artistic identity. Pinta thus brings together the art of Latin America in all its expressions and conquers new markets through fairs and programs that are diversified into innovative proposals, such as Pinta Sud.


That said, Pinta announces the exploration of new frontiers, the revitalization of its ecosystem and the implementation of avant-garde dynamics to highlight the value of the collective.


About Diego Costa Peuser

As co-Founder and Director of influential art fairs in Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York, London and, soon, Basel, Diego Costa Peuser has promoted a change in the outlook of these metropolises, epicenters of cultural activity, on the nature and historical incidence of American artists. Whether in relation to the avant-garde, as well as to current contemporary creation, the projects directed by Costa Peuser open dialogue between different practices from the North and the South. Pinta, for example, was named by MoMA PS1 as one of the most influential supporters of Latin American art. In this sense, Costa Peuser has promoted re-readings of art history that have turned the recognition of transcendental works and figures.


About FutureBrand

Based in the world’s most exciting cities, FutureBrand is a diverse and entrepreneurial group of brand, creative & experience experts. Defined by creativity, adaptability, positivity and entrepreneurship, FutureBrand guides businesses by better connecting brand purpose to everyday experience. Supported by FutureBrand, Pinta will continue to grow and relate as a universe of art experiences.

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