From 08/23/2023 to 10/14/2023
Buenos Aires, Argentina

To inaugurate the new location in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo, the Argentine gallery Piedras presented the exhibition Tercer Cerebro (Third Brain), which gathers the eclectic works of the artists of the space.


A large, luminous and versatile area exhibits the work of the eleven artists who are part of the gallery. It also features a text by Federica Baeza that, according to Santiago Gasquet –artist and director of Piedras along with Rafael Beltrán– is a work in itself.


Federica Baeza says: "A dark room. The shadow is so dense that it is impossible to perceive the perimeters of that space, nor those of the body. After an initial silence, the tone of a voice is heard. The voice seems to maintain a dialogue with itself: the running of a thread of thought that does not settle in any concrete place. Unable to verify its own physical presence, the voice wonders about itself. It begins by trying to visualize its own lips. It tries to perceive the softness that each word produces on the edges of the mouth, the sensation of the air coming in and out, the vibration of the teeth. It doesn't manage to feel anything. However, it continues to listen”.

Monica Heller's Caja Existencialista (Existentialist Box) murmurs nonsense. The animal in Sin Título (Untitled), Carrie Bencardino's painting, growls urgently. Jimena Croceri's sculptures from the series El aire entre nosotrxs tiene forma de hueso (The air between us is bone-shaped) are made from a mold that uses the space between four bodies with their backs to each other; the sculptures leave marks of panties, of spinal columns. Polis+polis, Liv Schulman's video, shows policemen acting as policemen and complements the artist's installation: a puppet dressed in a police uniform. Bonus track: if you look out the window, across the gallery is a police station with blue lights flashing.

All the works are parts: teeth, boxes, plaster casts, disassembled figures, cut-out fabrics. The artists come together because their work fragments, seeking to deconstruct itself. Everything contributes to a fleeting, swift rhythm that impacts and provokes the viewer, not knowing how and where.


Participating artists: Joaquín Aras, Carrie Bencardino, Jimena Croceri, Clara Esborraz, Santiago Gasquet, Teresa Giarcovich, Constanza Giuliani, Carla Grunauer, Josefina Labourt, Mónica Heller and Liv Schulman.