By Álvaro de Benito | April 11, 2024

The geometry in Jorge Cabieses' (Lima, Peru, 1971) usual outline is broken with the action of the spontaneity of the curved and almost organic stroke in his second solo exhibition in the Spanish capital. The Lima-born artist thus proposes, in a certain way, a dialogue between the artificial of the synthetic and the atavistic through the incorporation of those more spontaneous brushstrokes over the usual framework of rectitude that the artist usually presents.


This new production could be an imaginary extension of the canvas or the support on which it operates, helped in part by the infinite dynamics of the lines or by the sensation conveyed by certain geometries, but also by the appearance of elements from the publishing or religious industries, from magazines to estampitas and other elements whose inaccuracies result in a pleasing contrast. So much so that, regardless of the technique —different techniques are exhibited, from collage to polyurethane and acrylic— it would seem at times that this less calculated vision is imposed on the lines and geometry, resulting in a new vision in his work.


Thus, the presence of these so-called "synthetic forms", common in Cabieses' past work, have the mission of linking the Limeño with that world he has built among two-dimensional figures, but which now grants the possibility of interacting with that other, more impulsive world, which also responds to the religious, to the daily life action, and, incidentally, to expand that spatial vision that escapes from his presumed rigidity.

Jorge Cabieses. La imagen interceptada.  Until April 20. Fernando Pradilla, Claudio Coello, 20. Madrid, Spain.

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