From 02/24/2024 to 04/06/2024
Madrid, Spain

The Elba Benítez gallery presented Carlos Garaicoa's exhibition, entitled π=3,1416. The show is made up of a body of unpublished works born from the artist's desire to delve into the pictorial tradition of Latin American geometric abstraction, this time on wood.


The new unpublished pieces by artist Carlos Garaicoa blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture, architecture and design, geometric and figurative art.


As always in his work, the aesthetic meticulousness of the pieces prevails: the neatness in the execution, the attention to detail in the finishes, the delicate precision of the drawing line. Somehow, these colorful and visually striking objects seem to open new paths in the artist's practice by suggesting a dialogue with the tradition of geometric abstract painting, an artistic style with its own conventions, as delimited as those of an alphabet and as vast as those of a language (in fact, this is no coincidence, since Garaicoa trained as a painter). In other ways, however, these wooden wall reliefs are more reminiscent of flat, folded models, which, like the springs, have the potential to transform into fully unfolded objects. So here, as throughout the exhibition, it is this sense of contained potential energy waiting to be transferred that gives the objects on display – the very containers involved– their reality as works of art.

–George Stolz.

The work of Carlos Garaicoa (Havana, 1967) is characterized by a commitment to the genius loci of contemporary cities, particularly his native Havana, as manifested in his architecture and infrastructure, to which Garaicoa brings a sharply critical but restlessly inventive artistic vision. Garaicoa works within and across diverse media and disciplines (sculpture, photography, drawing, installation, architecture, urbanism and textual work) but the finish of his works at all times displays meticulous execution and aesthetics. While his Cuban heritage serves as a point of departure, the full scope of Garaicoa's artistic practice extends to a wide range of subjects and materials, including the utopian currents of the 20th century, the forms and ideals of classical modernity, the infrastructures of centralist state planning, the vestiges of colonial architecture and urbanism, and the current troubled political and economic terrain of post-colonial globalization.


π=3,1416. Carlos Garaicoa exhibition.


Through April 6.


Elba Benítez. Calle san lorenzo 11 patio, 28004 Madrid, Spain.

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