From September 28 to October 1, Pinta BAphoto returns to La Rural, pabellón 8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An opportunity to discover the best of contemporary Latin American photography.


In this way, the curatorial proposal of Fuera de Foco reinforces the purpose of giving visibility to the work of emerging artists and galleries from all over the country, and to serve as a platform where its heterogeneity enables the presentation of the medium's universe of possibilities. Photography as an experimental record of the world, as an exploration of the relationship between memory and archive, or as an intense modulation between intimate gaze and social reality finds a flexible and receptive space to open up to a renewed public.


In this edition, the section will not only have the presence of a larger number of galleries than in previous years, but will also offer each of the projects a wider space to display their vision.

The projected image

By Bárbara Golubicki.


The proposals gathered around the Fuera de Foco Section work with photography from its overflow and its boundaries. They understand the photographic medium no longer as an autonomous language, but as an enabler of plural and diverse languages. The photograph, approached from this hybrid perspective, becomes a mechanism that opens up working spaces, investigative paths, conceptual operations, narrative strategies, climatic possibilities. Integrated as a tool, photography is placed at the service of a project that exceeds it but needs it. The result of this common effort to expatriate it from its documentary destiny is decentering. As a practice, it assumes a variability very similar to infinity: we see the unfolded powers of the photographic artifact as a gestural record, as a vestige, as fiction, as plastic art, as sculpture, as light, as ornament, as poetry, photography as...

Premio In Situ will have its first edition in the city of Buenos Aires, within the framework of Pinta BAPhoto 2023.


Continuing with its mission to make Argentine artistic practice visible, it will award a recognition to an artist or gallery participating in the Fuera de Foco section.


Galleries and artists:

Satélite (Córdoba), Artist: Roxana Ramos (Salta)

Abre Galería (Córdoba), Artist: Dolores Esteve (Córdoba)

Crudo Arte Contemporáneo (Rosario), Artists: Juan Ignacio Cabruja (Rosario) and Yuyo Gardiol (San Carlos Centro, Santa Fe).

La Portland (Paraná) + Preciada Galería (Buenos Aires) Artists: Federico Roldán Vukonich (Paraná), Javier Soria Vazquez (Salta), Ariana Beilis (Santa Fe)

Selvanegra Galería (Buenos Aires), Artist: Malena Pizani (Caracas, Venezuela/ Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Ungallery (Buenos Aires), Artist: Julieta Tarraubella (Argentina / Perú)


Pinta BAphoto.

September 28 to October 1, 2023.

La Rural, Pabellón 8.

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