Pinta BAphoto, the largest art fair specializing in photography in Latin America, is holding its 19th edition at La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tickets for Friday, September 29, Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1 are available at Ticketek.


In addition to enjoying the artists' and galleries' proposals, Pinta BAphoto had a large editorial sector, a fundamental part of the narrative, expansion and dissemination of the artists' vision.



Curated by: Estefania Papescu


The artists' book publishing house, Simetría Doméstica, is a project by Estefania Papescu. She is interested in the small investigations, annotations, drawings that an artist or writer may think are unpublishable or think that they will never leave the domestic sphere but that are often foundational for those works that finally circulate in the art system or, simply, remain as suspended projects but no less poetic for that reason. These are the projects that have priority, it is about the kitchen of artists and writers. 

Simetría Doméstica: Libros de artista, curated by its director, focuses on artist books as rarities, claiming books that are a work not work books. At the tables there were both national independent publishers, as well as individual tables and a collective table for artists' projects, contemporary photography magazines, among other details. Priority in each conceptual subdivision of the tables will be given to those dedicated to photography.


In Estefanía Papescu’s words: “The books and notebooks handmade by Argentine visual artists and writers are unique objects, of a moment, of a moment of distraction or of some experiments filed for years, a special micro-world, prior to the realization of any work and becoming, in turn, one. These are usually known or seen when the artists or writers die or are in impenetrable showcases in a museum where it is impossible to take advantage of their ideas, so from the editorial we wonder: What would happen if they begin to live, to circulate, to know each other?”.

Estefania Papescu lives and works in Buenos Aires. She studied Social Communication and has a degree in Journalism. She is a writer, editor, curator and artist. She directs and curates the artist's book publishing house Simetría Doméstica since 2019, that brings together six different generations of Argentine visual artists in a collection of 150 unique books and 3 printed books.

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