La Casa Encendida de Fundación Montemadrid presents the work of artist Christine Sun Kim, winner of the Prix International d'Art Contemporain (PIAC) 2022, from the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco.


A succession of echo traps, by Christine Sun Kim, an American artist based in Berlin, approaches through various formats what is at the core of her artistic practice: musical notation, written language, computer graphics, sign language, the body and the strategic deployment of humor to question the politics of sound and languages.


The curator of the exhibition, Cristiano Raimondi explains: "Thanks to Christine Sun Kim's art, viewers can access works that transmute graphic signs into musical signs and reflect on the relationship between hearing people and the Deaf community. In Christine's works, combined hand gestures and speed of movement are used to show a deeper understanding of the Deaf experience. Born into a world where the filmic image is accompanied by subtitles, Kim looks at American Sign Language (ASL) through a musical lens, creating, through the repetition of graphic signs and words, visual music compositions that narrate the experience of Deaf life navigating a world built by and for those who hear."

The exhibition is composed of three works that represent the diversity of formats and concepts that Kim usually approaches in his work: Notating Transcribing Transcribing, the large mural, where she depicts the space where two languages intersect; The Star-Spangled Banner video, which shows her interpretation of the American national anthem in American Sign Language during the Super Bowl; and A String of Echo Traps, a digital animation, where she explores the notion of echo as a literal and metaphorical phenomenon.


Christine Sun Kim is an American artist based in Berlin. Her work, focused on the role of sound within society, deconstructs the politics of sound and analyzes the role of oral languages as a currency of social exchange. She has exhibited her work and performed at international competitions and institutions such as the Queens Museum in New York (2022), the Drawing Center in New York (2022), the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt (2021), the Manchester International Festival (2021), the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (2020), the Whitney Biennial in New York (2019), the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York (2019), the Art Institute of Chicago (2018), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2017), the De Appel Arts Center in Amsterdam (2017), the Berlin Biennale (2016), the Shanghai Biennale (2016), MoMA PS1 in New York (2015), and the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2013), among many others.

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