Proyectos Ultravioleta presents Ríos de Gente (Rivers of People), the second solo show by Regina José Galindo at the gallery, dedicated to Bernardo Caal, defender of the water, the earth, and of the rights of indigenous peoples.


Ríos de Gente (2021) was a collective happening led by Abelino Chub Caal and Regina José Galindo that remembered the places where a river once flowed, only to be diverted or polluted by the extractive industries that have stripped the indigenous peoples of Guatemala from their resources.

The Festival Libertad Para el Agua (Festival for the Liberty of Water) included the participation of over one thousand children, youth and adults from communities that have been affected by the activities in mining rigs, hydroelectric dams, and single crop farming by numerous transnational enterprises that operate with impunity in Guatemala. In Ixcán (Quiché), Chisec (Alta Verapaz), El Estor (Izabal), Champerico (Retalhuleu) Monte Olivo (Cobán), San Juan Chamelco (Santa Rosa), amongst other places, people would scream: Liberty for the water, Liberty for Bernardo (Caal), We fight for life, We fight for water, Water is not merchandise, amongst other chants.

Her artistic practice places her own body in a public dimension, appealing to anyone who has experienced or witnessed political or personal violence. Since she was invited by Harald Szeemann to the 49th Venice Biennale with the work El dolor en un pañuelo -where she also performed Piel- Regina José Galindo has presented her practice in multiple international exhibitions. She was awarded the Golden Lion for best artist under 35 for Himenoplastía at the 51st Venice Biennale. Galindo participated in documenta14 in Athens and Kassel, and also in the Istanbul, Prague, and Tirana Biennials, as well as in exhibitions in PAC Milan, Tate Modern, London, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and PS1 Museum, New York. 


Regina José Galindo: RÍOS DE GENTE

From January 22th, 12 a. m.

Proyectos Ultravioleta

21 calle 11-09, zona 1 Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

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