From 08/17/2023 to 10/19/2023
Bogotá, Colombia

Montenegro Art Projects (MAP) launched a new exhibition Estudios sobre un Tótem (Studies on a Totem) with the participation of Colombian artists Carolina Borrero and Lucas Gallego.


Estudios sobre un Tótem questions the relationship between nature, space and the human presence that alters it. The idea of progress is represented under the form of a totem, symbolizing the harmful effects that development can bring to the environment. Nature and superstructures are in constant tension, and humans are spectators of this duel between environmental conservation and modernity.


Carolina Borrero is a de-constructor of plants. Her delicate and careful work on plants revolves around the concept of coexistence reflected in the socio-environmental problems of the ideas of progress through photography, drawing and assemblages. In turn, Lucas Gallego represents the power of human construction through his installations that allow us to see its architectural past. Both artists unite in a dance of artistic creations that simulates the forces in tension.


"In their individual and combined trajectories, Borrero and Gallego use an almost scientific methodology, classify plant species and areas, use photography as a document, the geo-satellite image and the tracing, the architectural plan and the digital sketch, they use recycled wood and glass test tubes, they take advantage of science and technology, precision and balance, they research, but with a certain skepticism. The result is this structural and monolithic totem, geometric and rational, techno-scientific and technolatric at the same time," explains Santiago Rueda, curator of the exhibition.


Carolina Borrero (1988) has a Master's degree in Fine Arts and is a specialist in photography from the National University of Colombia. Her work reflects on the relationship we have as a species with nature and the notion of progress itself as a transversal axis of human thought.


Lucas Gallego is an artist, architect and urban planner from the National University of Colombia. His work studies the anthropic manifestations that alter the identity characteristics of the territory. From his experience as an architect, photographer and carpenter, he raises a series of reflections on the human transit over the territory, based on concepts such as inhabiting, settling, intervening and transforming.


Estudios sobre un tótem. Exhibition with Carolina Borrero and Lucas Gallego.


Curated by Santiago Rueda.


Until October 19, 2023.


Montenegro Art Projects (MAP). Carrera 13 # 93 - 68, Ofic. 405, Bogotá, Colombia.