The exhibition is the reflection of a series of paintings by Paz Bardi under a theme that is, at the same time, method. Taking time as a place, as a tool, and as a subject, the exhibition and its curatorship (by felisa) display a type of creation that can be summarized as: 1. Complicity 2. Fantastic architecture 3. Filtering and editing 4. Mediation


The curatorial text, by Bettina Pavetti, puts it this way: “... In this method, trust, commitment, dedication and a bit of magic collide in this fantasy that has a lot of reality, so much so that we could say that the result is an epochal portrait. The flashes, contrasts, colors and clothing, the censored faces, the blinding light within complete darkness, or else in its absence, obstructed by the silhouette of a possible ram, portray a time when we assimilate fiction into our lives. Are we not also accomplices when we choose to witness it? Without realizing it, we stop understanding the capricious difference between the fantastic and the real ... "

Paz Bardi was born in Buenos Aires in 1993. She is a visual artist, co-director of Espacio Ftalo gallery and a bookseller at Perro Fantasma. Her work was selected at the National Painting Salon, in the Fortabat Prize, and was distinguished with a Young Art Mention in the Bancor Painting Prize. Bardi participated in various individual and group exhibitions, work clinics and artistic residencies in Paris, Toulouse and Berlin. She currently attends the Julio Alan Lepez workshop and Gabriela Cabezón Cámara's literary clinic, and lives and works in Caballito.

Her painting is populated by current, urban and self-absorbed characters, but connected in scenes, at times mysterious, in which a narrative, a theatricality is suspected. There is a clear questioning about identities, and in turn, about the links between them. Her works can be read as period portraits from where one thinks of the world, its forms, its fictions.


Tanto tiempo

Until November 15th

Ftalo Gallery - Gorriti 3856, Buenos Aires

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