The Chair Museum of Asuncion opened the first exhibition of National Industrial Design Diseña Paraguay 2023, where 38 exhibitors with innovative designs will participate. This exhibition will be part of the Pinta Sud | ASU program from August 7 to 13, 2023.


With 10 years of trajectory, the Museo de la Silla Asunción (MUSA) has managed to gather an impressive collection of chairs and objects with unique designs. In dialogue with Arte al Día, founder Jorge Jury shared that the museum's initiative came from the reflection on how objects have a great capacity to tell stories and portray the era and culture in which they were created.


Chairs have a special value due to their great adaptability to different human morphologies and their way of synthesizing the complexity of the object-design experience. Jorge Jury explains: "I have always been a lover of objects; I understand that the chair is the most complicated of them. Trying to tell the history of design through chairs is a chimera that I am still enjoying today. The museum was a dream and its inauguration was the first station, without a doubt my passion continued growing in the journey of materialization. I understand that the adventure of designing a chair is to interpret the need for its use in the future, each chair was always designed for a predetermined purpose (work, eat, rest, share, etc.), if the analysis of the result allows us to deduce that we have covered the need of the occasional user we can say mission accomplished".


The MUSA stands out for being one of the few museums dedicated exclusively to chairs in the world. Although there are other museums with a similar focus on design, the Chair Museum is unique for its diversity and the number of chair designs it has managed to gather, where each one of them has a story to tell about Paraguay's design journey.


At the same time, it is also a space to promote Paraguayan design at an international level. Through the different exhibitions, it seeks to give visibility to new talents and create a space for local designers to meet and collaborate.


The new exhibition Diseña Paraguay 2023 celebrates the first ten years of the museum, where 38 exhibitors come together to project their creativity and find opportunities for development.


"The real reason (for Diseña Paraguay 2023) was to create awareness that Paraguay can give visibility to all emerging designers or not, who work every day in the defense of the Guaranitic culture expressed in different ways, with many limitations, but above all by committing to each designed object", he expressed.


Participating designers: Arana & Hijos Orfebres, Andrea Barrail, Apu'a, Pedro Barrail, Hernán Caligaris, Canova, Doot, Estudio ID, Eve Cabrera, Fantom Studio, Frakta PY, Eduardo Huergo, Laboratorio FORMA, Víctor López Moreira, Luggio, Axel Narváez, Renato Pedrina, César Pefaur, Javier Pineda, Cecilia Rieder, ROD Bicicletas, ROMA, Surface, Silday, Luis Torres, URBIS, Philip Zavala, "-=+x-" Arquitectura y Mobiliario, Quasar, Corva, Meraki, Guggiari Arte, Sebastián Guggari, Cerrera de Diseño Industrial - FADA UNA, Diseño Industrial - CYT UCA, MOB, Rodolfo Fernandez and Sillón 96.


Design Paraguay 2023. Collective exhibition of national industrial design.


From August 1st to October 31st.


Chair Museum. Av. Artigas 4289, Asunción, Paraguay.

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