From 06/17/2023 to 07/26/2023

The exhibition Metamorphosis by artist Juan Pablo Pistilli is on display at the Paraguayan gallery ViedmaArte.


The proposal of the Paraguayan sculptor, painter and jewelry designer brings together a series of metallic object pieces, challenging visitors to multiple interpretations and to immerse themselves in an imaginary world.


Juan Pablo Pistilli's creations invade ViedmaArte's hall like mirages; they are present in the form of metallic sculptures that refer to creatures on the borderline between the real and the imaginary. A series of objectual pieces propose a journey with textures, volumes and matter arranged to be completed and freely interpreted among multiple possible imaginaries.


As we enter the universe of Metamorphosis, we are transported by the careful fusion of organic and geometric shapes that invite us to explore the frontiers of our perception in a sensory journey. The generous volumes, the sinuous forms and the play between rough and polished surfaces submerge us beyond contemplation and involve us in the proposal of transformation together with the artist himself and his work.

Juan Pablo Pistilli (1979. Asunción, Paraguay) is a sculptor, painter and jewelry designer. From a very early age he began to learn about the arts in the workshop of his father, Hugo Pistilli, where he playfully created, in total freedom, his first sculptural toys. He studied architecture at the National University of Asuncion and studied sculpture in Chile and Brazil, as well as engraving in Argentina. He is a professor of sculpture and engraving at the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes and appears in the dictionary of the Visual Arts of Paraguay and in the Paraguayan Encyclopedia.


He has had thirteen solo exhibitions and numerous large sculptures in his country. He has participated in international meetings of Public Art, where he made sculptures in South Korea, Bolivia and Argentina, and murals in Mexico and in several cities of Argentina. His works are in private collections in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, United States, Germany, Austria, Italy, South Korea and Turkey.


He is the creator of works that constitute awards granted by various entities and currently in charge of the Casa-Taller Pistilli 3215, where he develops works of small and large format, emphasizing the production of public art as part of a positioning that states: "art must reach the people".


Metamorphosis. Solo exhibition by Juan Pablo Pistillo.


ViedmaArte. Denis Roa 768, Asunción, Paraguay.