The fair will take place from July 7 to 11 with a special highlight on new protagonists. In addition to the General Program and the Opening Program, ARCO incorporates REMITENTE, a special Latin American art section and concentrates Artist Projects exclusively on women. In total, the fair will host 131 galleries, of which 54% are not Spanish.


ARCOmadrid 2021, organized by IFEMA MADRID, will celebrate its 40th edition from 7 to 11 July with the aim of marking a turning point in the relaunch and reactivation of the contemporary art market. The overall confidence of the sector, the already started and proven return of international fair activity, and the positive evolution of vaccination rates with the consequent effect on the remission of the pandemic, suggest a positive scenario. Added to this is the strict protocol developed by IFEMA MADRID, which includes all the necessary measures to organize the flow of attendees and their mobility.

Artistic Programs

With the complicity and support of Spanish galleries, ARCOmadrid will once again have its main axis, the General Program, which will also have the participation of an important representation of European galleries from cities such as Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Geneva and Liège. In addition, other galleries will travel from regions such as Tel Aviv, Luanda, São Paulo, Havana, Guatemala City, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Bogotá and Garzón.

As usual, ARCOmadrid is also interested in new galleries that, either because of their short history or because they are new to the Spanish context, present interesting proposals and allow the discovery of other creators. Along these lines, through the Opening Program, whose selection has been made by Övül Durmuşoğlu and Julia Morandeira, the fair will provide a space to explore galleries such as Suprainfinit (Bucharest), Jahmek (Luanda), The Pill (Istanbul), Balcony (Lisbon) and Eugster Belgrade (Belgrade).

With regard to the novel Latin American presence, ARCOmadrid incorporates REMITENTE, a special section of Latin American art produced with the complicity of Mariano Mayer. In a new model, which raises the possibility of the presence of works that do not require transport for their exhibition due to their immateriality, the artist's residence or the support of other galleries, this area will be populated by works from galleries such as Arróniz (Mexico City), Casa Triangulo, Luciana Brito (São Paulo) Constitución, Herlitzka + Faria, Nora Fisch, Piedras and Rolf Art (Buenos Aires) Die Ecke (Santiago, Chile), Instituto de Vision, Nueveochenta (Bogotá) and Vigil Gonzales (Cuzco), among others.


Likewise, as a novelty this year, ARCOmadrid concentrates Artist Projects exclusively on women, which will contribute to the greater visibility and prominence of female creators. Among others, Alexandra Karakashian (Sabrina Amrani), Dominique González Foerster (Albarrán Bourdais), Beth Moysés (Fernando Pradilla) Sophie Ristelhueber (Jérôme Poggi), Jessica Stockholde (Max Estrella), Kristin Wenzel (Suprainfinit), Isabel Villar (Fernández-Braso ), Magda Bolumar (Marc Domènech) and Maja Bajevic (Peter Kilchman).


Along with the contents of the galleries, ARCOmadrid will present other spaces that will broaden the visitors' experience of contemporary art. From ArtsLibris, a contemporary publishing fair, to cultural spaces, passing through the ARCOmadrid Forum with a program of debates around three axes: the future of the market and art fairs; sustainability, 2030 agenda and contemporary art and creation towards the future.

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