From 08/12/2023 to 09/23/2023
São Paulo, Brasil

Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF) presented Amarelo Vento Azul Floral (Yellow Wind Blue Floral) at Casa Triangulo gallery with recent work of contrasts and chromatic variations.


Taking as inspiration and as a starting point the colors and shapes that AVAF originally developed in 2008 for a mask used in an immersive installation in Rome, Amarelo Vento Azul Floral is an exhibition that presents works made during 2023-2023 with acrylic paint on duplex sheet of corrugated Kraft paper.

The curatorial text by Camila Belchior details: "For centuries, the subject of color has given rise to a wide range of debates, questionings, theories, experiments and research in the field of art, but also in that of science, sociology and philosophy, as well as many other disciplines. Over the course of AVAF’s twenty years of activity, color has been used as a key element for engendering intense artistic sensations. The collective has become known for creating immersive installations where abundance dictates Dionysian experiences. Tapestries, wallpaper, neon lights, performances and music coexist in these settings, which are lined with a myriad of patterns, images, colors and shapes that dialogue with contemporary cultures, queer sensibility and politics. In their projects, AVAF primarily aims to create a Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”), where the spectator becomes one with the artwork and color serves as a tool for engagement and communication. Without veering away from this origin, five years ago AVAF began to explore, more specifically, pathways in the relationship between people and paintings".


In the exhibition at Casa Triangulo, AVAF presents a different immersive environment compared to the installations, where dichotomies are highlighted: sensation versus contemplation, expansion versus constriction, absorption versus reflection. There is a mix between softness and texture, paint and pixel, manual and digital to reinforce the uniqueness of each work.

The palette used by AVAF has more than 1,200 tones and each work offers a unique combination. In addition, there is a search to achieve digital luminosity using paint to reflect the daily relationship that human beings have with the screens of their devices. Camila Belchior describes, "Just as digital device users can experience the vertigo of navigating between windows, colors and shapes traversed by the luminosity of pixels and the color fields of electronic screens, without their body being physically drawn to them, entering the portal of Amarelo Vento Azul Floral is like living an Apollonian sensory experience permeated by the ecstatic glow of the painted colors, without prejudice to possible Dionysian effects."

Amarelo Vento Azul Floral. Exhibition by Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF)


Until September 23, 2023.


Casa Triangulo. Rua Estados Unidos, 1324. São Paulo, Brazil.

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