Curated by Irene Gelfman, the Video Project section at Pinta PArC invited galleries to present projects that revolve around the themes of ancestral practices, community work, Amazonia and nature.


Video Project is the transversal section of all Pinta fairs that focuses exclusively on innovative and immersive proposals that work with the image in movement.


The persistence of the Self

The video selection builds bridges between diverse geographies and cultural traditions: those of the West, the Andes, and the Peruvian Amazon, both in the past and in the future. The selected artists address contemporary conflicts based on ancestral notions or practices such as weaving, ceramics, cave paintings, and rituals.


From the diversity of the audiovisual pieces, the viewer is invited to reflect on how in recent years there has been a need in art to return to traditions and practices that distance us from accelerated rhythms, a counterpart to what proposes and promises a feeling of satisfaction that is as immediate as it is ephemeral. The artists take up those practices that encoded sacred meanings and rituals, ancestral knowledge, and worldviews, which during the colonial era were prohibited, persecuted, and punished to be reinterpreted in a desperate attempt at environmental awareness and cultural preservation of the self.


The body of work reminds us how many past traditions and knowledge are alive in the present, safeguarded and nurtured by the communities of which they are a part. There is a persistence of certain minor, peripheral, or hybrid aesthetics associated with concerns related to the political situation in Latin America.


At the end of the journey, the viewer will not only have information that can be transmitted but will have experienced a sensitive experience that seeks to activate in their body the ability to produce modifications in the ways in which we negotiate our subjectivity.

Participating Artists:

Antonio Villa, Mentira la verdad (2024). Constitución Gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Yerko Zlatar, Tecnología Ancestral (2023). Younique Gallery (Paris, France | Lima, Peru)

Roxana Ramos, Erupción (2022). Remota Gallery (Salta, Argentina)

María Daud, Abrazos de Agua (2023). Yu&Va Gallery. (Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

Adrián Sosa, Fuerza Bruta (2020). Pabellón 4 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Claudia Coca, Carabela (2020). Del Paseo Gallery. (Punta del Este, Uruguay | Lima, Peru)

Antonio Paucar, Hampiq tushuy (2022) - La energía espiral del ayni (dedicated to my mother) (2023) Courtesy of the artist and Barbara Thumm Gallery

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