In its third edition, BIENALSUR, icon of the resistance and resilience of art in times of pandemic, travels to La Térmica as the first venue in Spain in 2021. The project shows invisibilized realities through the work of Latin American artists Voluspa Jarpa, Agustina Woodgate, Graciela Sacco, and Paola Monzillo


The exhibition project ‘Al sur del sur’ (To the South of the South) contains two chapters with which it occupies three rooms of La Térmica; Zoo, which features the work of the Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa on the history of human zoos in the 19th century, and the Dissenting Cartographies room with works by Voluspa Jarpa, the Argentine Agustina Woodgate and Graciela Sacco, and the Uruguayan Paola Monzillo, in which female artists redesign cartographies that shed light on invisible realities.


Thinking from a present that demands a radical revision and registering of that critical tradition, the selected artists choose maps, libraries and archives to present before the spectator the challenge of looking and seeing again, of wondering about those data, facts, images and Imaginaries that are taken for granted”, says Diana Wechsler, curator of the exhibition.


Against other strategies of supremacy, unmasking the idea of ​​cultural hegemony, becoming multiple, relocating, de-locating, BIENALSUR is capable of seeking the heteroglossia of artistic experience; that is to say, it is capable of affirming the coexistence of different “ways of speaking” in an identical vehicle of collective communication”, explains the historian Eugenio Carmona.


Through installations, maps, videos, paintings and other multidisciplinary pieces, the research essay carried out by Voluspa Jarpa is exhibited, which chooses to place in the planisphere the cities in which exhibitions of a unique type were carried out: human zoos. A practice of colonial affirmation and delineation of racism used in Europe between 1815 and 1958, evidencing the ways in which the colonial gaze exoticized and dehumanized sociocultural distances.


Appealing to an active spectator, Jarpa's proposal invites us to investigate the information offered, arrange the sequence of images and place them in cohesion, thus deactivating the learned knowledge, the instituted logics, and dismantling the colonial perspective to open way to new critical perspectives that, in a way, explain the present.

Dissenting cartographies

Among other instruments of control, maps have historically occupied a key place in representing spaces and territories and pointing out positions that were imprinted on the Western imagination as undisputed, “objective” truths. They made it possible to identify aspects of the world from naturalized conventions that, therefore, are not usually recognized as such.


Today, from radical conceptual positions, this exhibition brings together works that are an indication of the alternative routes that can give rise to what are called dissident cartographies, crossed by different conflicts.


Al sur del sur

Km 9692, La Térmica

Avenida de los Guindos, 48.

29004, Málaga, España