Museo Jumex presents The Design of Cartier: A Living Legacy, an exhibition that traces the history of the Maison through a selection of its most iconic jewelry.


With more than 160 pieces from the legendary Cartier Collection, as well as from private collections and archival documents, the exhibition invites the public to delve into the evolution of the Cartier style, the distinctive language of the Maison, its design and savoir-faire.


Curated by Ana Elena Mallet, and curated by architect Frida Escobedo, the exhibition examines Cartier's design and craftsmanship, and shows a contemporary vision without losing sight of its rich and complex past. The pieces on display here are design objects. They are art, and they are enduring and evolving history that remains alive.


The pieces presented in Cartier Design: A Living Legacy are watches, jewelry and decorative objects. In this way, they bear witness to Cartier's heritage, its historical importance and its relevance today. This legacy continues to inspire the Maison's new generations of designers, who pay tribute to it, keep it alive in its unmistakable pioneering spirit and reinvent it for the present and the future.


In-depth documentary research from the Cartier Archives reveals the Maison's creative process and tells the story of the people who acquired and wore these pieces. The pieces on display are design objects, carefully constructed with mastery and excellence. Their production is based on heritage and traditional processes, while incorporating new research and production methods, as well as technological advances.


The history of the Cartier Collection began almost 50 years ago, when the Maison embarked on a mission to recover iconic pieces signed by Cartier. In 1983, the Cartier Collection was born, a reflection of the Maison's expertise, cultural heritage and rich history. With a selection dating back to the 1850s and into the 21st century, this collection has witnessed and participated in history, with pieces made exclusively for royalty, high society and celebrities such as Maria Felix and Barbara Hutton. Today, the Cartier Collection continues to grow and has more than 3,000 pieces.

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