The Museo de Arte de Lima together with Fundación Telefónica Movistar presents the new exhibition Liam Young. Building Worlds.


This is a solo exhibition by the Australian artist that explores the impact of technology on people's lives and its influence on the transformation and redefinition of cities.


Known for the captivating visions of his imaginary worlds, the work of Australian filmmaker and speculative architect Liam Young are futuristic stories that arise, precisely, with the intention of generating a debate around the technological revolution in which we are immersed; making visible both its risks and its enormous possibilities, and reminding us that it is necessary to become aware of the reality that surrounds us. Climate change, the overcrowding of cities and the challenges of a hyper-connected and automated world, where the great opportunities offered by digitalization should not conflict with privacy or employment, are some of the issues addressed by the artist in the exhibition.


Young's films are the result of rigorous academic research and his work as a visiting professor at MIT and Princeton and Cambridge Universities in which design, the study of futures and the creation of powerful audiovisual narratives converge. Stories filmed with laser scanners, autonomous drones and other digital techniques that capture the viewer by the power of the images, and that come from his close collaboration with prestigious experts, scientists and technologists. Nominated for BAFTA awards, his films have been screened in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Royal Academy in London and platforms such as Channel 4 and the South by Southwest festival. His work is in the collections of MoMA, the Met, the Victoria and Albert, the l M+ in Hong Kong and the National Gallery of Victoria, and has been recognized by media such as Wired, New Scientist, Arte, Canal+ and Time magazine.


Liam Young. Building Worlds brings together the artist's most outstanding works in the form of large video installations –works such as Planet City, In the Robot Skies and Where the City Can't See–, and presents two newly produced pieces The Great Endeavour and The Emissary, created expressly for the exhibition. The projections are shown alongside models, photographs, costumes and other materials with which Young has constructed his powerful stories. Fictions that speak to us, among other issues, of the extraordinary changes that technology is bringing about in our lives.

Liam Young is a speculative architect and filmmaker working at the intersection of design, fiction and futures studies. He is co-founder of the think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, which explores tomorrow's urban environments by analyzing new technologies and their global and local implications; and Unknown Fields, a "nomadic" research studio that records the impact of these technologies on contemporary cities through field expeditions.


Described by the BBC as the "man who designs futures," his work as a designer focuses on visualizing cities, environments and artifacts of the future. The imaginary worlds proposed in his films have become not only iconic and visionary images, but urgent wake-up calls about the environmental challenges we face.

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