A Ch.ACO “without limits” that seeks to re-link galleries, artists, collectors and art lovers. A sustainable fair that offers galleries hybrid formats, designed to build collaborative networks that will activate the local scene and regional alliances. A national project that brings together the community around contemporary visual arts and culture in general.


From November 22 to 28, 2021, according to current times, the fair will take place in a hybrid format, giving the possibility of experiencing an interactive online platform, visiting open galleries, artistic tours, face-to-face exhibitions at cultural institutions in Santiago and participating in forums and conversations.

The Ch.ACO 12 Fair will maintain the already traditional Main Section, the Plant Section (curated by Matías Allende) and the discussion section that this year will be called Ch.ACO Live Sessions that will be curated by Isabel García Pérez de Arce. Also joining the fair is the Trashumantes section, an itinerant video art exhibition, curated by N3to (Ricardo Lagos Miranda) and Editorial fotográfica, curated by Fundación Sudfotográfica.

This year, the fair's focus is on enhancing the local scene and energizing its international connection by fostering the spirit of collaboration and relationships between the different agents in the contemporary visual arts sector. To carry out this objective, at a regional level, Ch.ACO has established cooperative relationships with the associations AGAC in Chile, MERIDIANO in Argentina, ASOCIACIÓN ANDINA in Peru and the ESTE ARTE fair in Uruguay. In addition to creating the new "1 + 1 Program" that consists of collaboration between Chilean galleries and galleries from around the world, pairing in host-partner relationships. With this initiative, Ch.ACO wishes to motivate the bilaterality of these collaborations.

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