BIENALSUR 2021, the third edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of the South, opens in Cuenca, Ecuador, the exhibition Juliana Vidal. The Silence of Forms in the Municipal Museum of Modern Art. Vidal (Cuenca, Ecuador, 1993) has been developing a subtle poetics of the imprint - intimately linked to time and memory - using alginate, a chemical substance sensitive to the impression of physical signals. The renowned writer and curator Cristóbal Zapata, who directed the Cuenca Art Biennial, joins BIENALSUR to curate this necessary and intelligent exhibition.


BIENALSUR integrates and simultaneously connects audiences, artists and spaces from the five continents, seeking to establish a global network of associative collaboration that contributes to diluting distances and borders (real and symbolic) and defends the singularity in diversity, the local in the global. In this case, the exhibition, which is part of the curatorial axis Ecological Conscience, will be held at the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Km 4120 in the particular cartography of BIENALSUR.

Cristóbal Zapata, in the curatorial text of the exhibition, comments:

“As a collector of bodily forms and traces, of fissures in the urban space, of natural remnants (stones, plant bark, and rain), the artist has produced sculptural series and installations that create a personal bodily and terrestrial orography, or rather a geology of rock mutations, always capturing the materiality of the transitory, of memory and of time itself. From a tactile gaze, Vidal activates certain processual and relational dynamics in an exercise of expanded sculpture to produce disturbing surfaces made up of reliefs and crevices that seem to seek out the spectator's hand. Such is the haptic richness of her pieces. The monochromy, the voids, and the silence in her works - as metonymies of what is absent or lost – reinforce the organic character of her sculptures and endow them with a cryptic eloquence. It is the silence through which the faults, cracks and wounds take shape."


The exhibition brings together the recent works of Juliana Vidal and integrates the installation Geographies of mortality (2018), awarded at the XIV Cuenca Biennial and part of the collection of the Municipal Museum of Modern Art.

Juliana Vidal has a degree in Visual Arts and is co-founder of the public art project La Carretilla-Arte Ambulante. The artist was officially selected to be part of the XIV Biennial of Cuenca Living Structures, Art as a Plural Experience where her work has been recognized with the Paris Prize, and invited to the XII Bienal de Mercosur Femenine (s). Visualities, actions and affections. She also participated in the Les Traversées du Marais Festival, in Paris. Vidal has been a resident for six months at the Cité International des Arts in Paris and was invited to be part of the Archivas & Documentas / Mujeres, Arte y Visualidades Ecuador project.

Within her solo shows, the following stand out: 735 days, Cuenca- Ecuador 2021; La Forme du Temps, Paris-France 2019; The after being, Quito-Ecuador; Desdoblamiento, Ecuador, 2017. Her work has also been presented in group shows such as Collateral, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Quito; Living Room, Violenta Gallery, Guayaquil; and Artefactos y Artilugios, Cuenca-Ecuador.


Km 4120.00

MMAM - Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno de Cuenca.

Av. Coronel Guillermo Tálbot, Cuenca, Ecuador