Fundación Juan March presents at its Madrid headquarters Antes de América (Before America), an exhibition that reveals the imprint of ancient American civilizations on modern and contemporary culture.


With more than 600 works, this exhibition reveals the influence of the ancient civilizations of the American continent on modern and contemporary culture. It includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, documents, photographs, design, architecture and all current art forms. The aim is to reconstruct a historical process that dates back to long before Europeans baptized the entire continent as America.

Antes de América shows this long process of interpretations and reinterpretations in a visual journey that spans two continents from the 19th century to the present day. The exhibition brings together nearly 300 modern and contemporary artists, such as Joaquín Torres García (Uruguay), César Paternosto (Argentina), Rufino Tamayo (Mexico), Cecilia Vicuña (Chile), Elena Izcue (Peru), Alejandro Puente (Argentina), Vicente do Rego Monteiro (Brazil), Anni and Josef Albers (Germany and USA), Barnett Newman (USA) and Henry Moore (UK).


Antes de América proposes a broad reading of the works and objects on display, covering painting, illustration, photography, textile production, decorative arts and architecture. The project aims to become a panoramic vision that uncovers starting points for future research and exhibitions.

The curatorial team of the exhibition is composed of Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales (Professor of Latin American Art at the University of Granada) as guest curator, Manuel Fontán del Junco, María Toledo (Director of Museums and Exhibitions and Head of the Exhibition Project at the Fundación Juan March, respectively), Liliana Montoya (curatorial assistant), together with Renata Ribeiro dos Santos (Professor at the University of Oviedo).