Rolf Art announced the opening of artist Verónica Meloni's solo exhibition Choiols, la huella del ñandú en el cielo (Choiols, the footprint of the rhea in the sky), curated by noted art critic and historian Cuauhtémoc Medina at Fundación Marso (Mexico City, Mexico).


In words of Cuauhtémoc Medina: “During the year 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Veronica Meloni transformed confinement into a laboratory by using the old dome of the building where she rents her residence in Cordoba, Argentina as a place of experimentation where she poured her energy as a performance artist and social intervention. Thus, that small abandoned room where the concierge kept her cleaning tools, became her "cave of impermanence" (as the artist called it), witness of creations wrapped in a sorcery and psychology of things. Meloni staged comedies with caliche, dust and brooms, evocations of The Creation of the Sistine with percuded gloves, homages to Kasimir Malevich with estuaries and ephemeral galaxies derived from actions for Instagram.

“That game, at once serious and purposeless, was finally condensed in the exploration of the figurative, metaphorical and sculptural possibilities of an ancestral element: the Argentinean boleadora. This weapon that the Tehuelches used both for war and for hunting, and which later came to identify the Argentine gaucho, became in Meloni's cave the stuff of constellations. This approach is not a casual echo: the original Tehuelche legends identify the constellation of Orion's belt as the boleadoras that failed to reach the rhea, the prized native bird that left its footprints in the Southern Cross. This exhibition follows those traces in a number of works that are actions, and images that are also dreams”.

Verónica Meloni (Córdoba, Argentina 1974) is an artist. Her artistic practice oscillates between performance, public art, drawing, writing and sculptural events. Her work has been selected to participate in the current ABC Art Festival in Baja California, Mexico, after her solo show Choiols, la huella del ñandú en el cielo at the Instituto Cultural de León (Mexico), with an itinerancy scheduled for 2023 at Fundación Marso, Mexico City (Mexico). In turn, her work is currently being displayed at Fundación Andreani as part of the 8th edition of the Andreani Award. Recently she present a solo show at Salón ACME, in the invited projects section curated by Ana Castella y Cuauhtémoc Medina, Mexico 2022, she was awarded by Fundación Klemm (2021), participated at the performance program of Arteba 2021 curated by Diego Bianchi, was invited for the Argentina Performance Art to participate at Grace Exhibition Space, Nueva York (2021), she recived the Beca Creación of Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2021) & the Beca Oxenford for artists (2020).

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