From 03/22/2024 to 05/03/2024
Barcelona, Spain

Zielinsky presents Trampantojo, a group exhibition formed by artists Nicolás Consuegra, Yamandú Canosa, Vera Chaves Barcellos, Martín Lanezan, Hudnilson Jr and Shirley Paes Leme.


Crooked, broken or repeated glasses; blind drawings where vision is secondary; a curtain painting that hides other drawings; a mysterious phrase of a spectral presence that repeats for 12 meters; an artist who becomes a voyeur of ordinary life; a notebook that gives way to intimacy. The exhibition displays a series of photographs, drawings and sculptures that have been produced since the 1980s by Latin American artists from countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia. The collected works focus on the point where vision generates a deceptive mediation: between observing and being observed, between what is seen and what is not seen, between seeing a window from afar or entering privacy through a crack.

Trampantojo. Group exhibition.


Until May 3, 2024.


Zielinsky. Passatge de Mercader, 10 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

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