The exhibition PROHIBIDO (Forbidden) showcases selection of 13 paintings and an oversized travel journal completed from 1992 to 2014 by artist Lydia Rubio, who represents her environment in a naturalistic style reminiscent of the Hudson River School. For four decades, she has painted highly technical oils on panel, using the traditions of the old masters with a systematic conceptual approach; the traditional style transformed through her subversive allegorical and poetic play.


The show's title, PROHIBIDO alludes to Rubio's insertion of herself as a time-traveling disruptor into the location of the Hudson River School. As unusual as it was for Alexander von Humboldt and Frederic Church's to travel and discover the Savannah of Bogota, Colombia in the 19th century, it has been for Rubio to discover this illusive and magical place in her journey to the same locations. There she explored and painted these exotic natural wonders-something that certainly would have been forbidden to most women artists at the time of Church.


Lydia Rubio is a Cuban born, American artist based in Hudson NY. Rubio, third generation of female painters, started her art practice in 1980. She holds Graduate studies with Rudolf Arnheim, Leonardo Ricci, Jerzy Soltan, and experience in practice and teaching Architectural Design at Harvard GSD and Visual Arts at Parsons School of Design. Her fascination with literature and  keen observation of the world have shaped her work sensibilities and precision both in constructive and poetic manners.


"My intention has been to create an awareness of the various perceptual, symbolic, and environmental conditions that affect our experience of nature today and its representation in painting. Nature connects us to higher levels of feelings that are of vital importance." states Lydia Rubio  

Her multidisciplinary work displays a vast knowledge of art history, theory and technique, enriched by extensive travel and visits to international museum collections. Painting is at the core of her practice, driven by a conceptual system, not a fixed style. One of her main sources of inspiration has been the natural world in symbolic and metaphoric associations; a balancing act of the Apollonian and Dionysian expressing displacement, rupture, fragmentation. In other words, a poetic search prioritizing transformation, chance and visual quality.



Until July 31st

422 ½ Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534


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