By Álvaro de Benito | May 07, 2024

It could have been an ordinary retrospective, but the decision to participate in some way in the creative process is a differential and even declarative point in Tembló acá un delirio, the exhibition that Museo CA2M in Móstoles delves into the figure, and at first hand, of Ana Gallardo (Rosario, Argentina, 1958).


Curated by Alfredo Aracil and Violeta Janeiro, the layout and the proposal of the exhibition lead us to a materialization of the conceptual and the inertias with which the Argentinean artist debates. However, the visit to the galleries immerses the viewer in an even deeper and more enveloping subjectivity towards the processes of recovery and reconstruction.


Beyond the evident orientation of the pieces of the rosarina since decades working towards the denunciation of violence against women, the exploration of gender theories or the art system itself, it underlies an intention to address these issues through a language away from victimhood and that is generated around the dual antagonism of life and death and their meanings and that other repressive darkness that alludes to its management of oblivion. All this is concentrated in a journey that begins in an environment of installations with luminous and sonorous protagonism, until the visitor drifts towards a measured darkness, a reflection of that oblivion and, in general, of the struggles of disappearance and reconstruction of memory, but always with the fragile approach of avoiding any element that inflicts the legitimization of pain.


Already trapped in that black that decorates the interior rooms, Gallardo proposes, through the vital relationship with his mother and her experiences, a series of subjective conceptions, represented in the drawings based on the original paintings selected to build that path. His works thus trace this biography and its exhibition, where the portrait or psychoanalysis is explored as perhaps the most faithful representations of oneself, both externally and in the interior space. Supporting all this plastic option of (re)creation and the element of darkness, Tembló acá un delirio also wanders among documents and videos that invite us to export the intimacy of affliction to the terrain of the public and to perceive that disappearance and that suffering from other angles that social engineering has foreseen to cease to be so evident.

Ana Gallardo. Tembló acá un delirio can be visited until July 7 at the CA2M Museum, Constitución 23, Móstoles, Spain.

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