This is a call for young curators residing in the Community of Madrid, organized by Sala de Arte Joven. The initiative awards curatorial projects and its main objective is to highlight an overview of current artistic creation to professionals in the sector and the general public. Applications can be submitted until June 11, 2021.


The presented projects can deal with any subject, discipline and / or artistic format, always within the calendar and budgetary limits previously defined in the published annual call. It should be taken into account that the submitted proposals must incorporate works by artists preferably under 35 years of age who reside, work or exhibit in the Community of Madrid, regardless of their nationality.


Who can apply?

Spanish or foreign curators, living in the Community of Madrid and under the age of 35, may participate individually or collectively. In the case of groups, at least 50 percent of its members must meet this requirement; they must also appoint a representative.

The author or authors of the selected exhibition projects may not be part of the exhibitions as artists.


Which would be the tasks?

  • The writing of a detailed project in which all the needs to plan the exhibitions and activities must be included, as well as a detailed budget, detailed and as close as possible to said project
  • The direction and design of the assembly, the monitoring of the activities, the generation of an educational program, the press material (including assistance in the presentation to the media), etc.
  • Providing all the necessary documentation (text, images, etc.) for printing a catalog or publication linked to each of the selected projects.
  • Managing the necessary permissions and provide all the necessary documentation for the exhibition of the works and their reproduction in the catalog, internet and in any other medium of printed or digital nature.
  • Presenting, once the project is finished, a report on it, including images, videos or any other element that testifies to the samples and activities and a final assessment of the results



A commission is created chaired by the heads of the DG for Cultural Promotion, the General Sub-Directorate of Fine Arts, the Art Advisory of the Community of Madrid, the Directorate of the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo CA2M and three professionals of recognized prestige in the visual arts, which will be responsible for carrying out the selection of the two projects under strict criteria of artistic quality.


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The Sala de Arte Joven is a reference space within contemporary artistic creation that has established itself as a platform for the creation, reflection and debate of emerging art both for the new generations and for many of the artists, curators and agents in the sector. Facilitating mobility, training and access to the professional world of young artists and fostering the promotion and visibility of their work are the two fundamental pillars around which the different programs of this space are articulated.


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