Álbum de Casi Todos (Album of Almost Everyone) is the solo exhibition of Chilean artist Pablo Linsambarth at the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA). It is curated by Daniel H. Rey.


In Albúm de Casi Todos Pablo recreates lived or imagined situations, questioning to what extent we can develop the social characters we embody and, among them, who is who. His works bring together every-day and ambiguous individuals, whose stories are assumed with the simple stroke of a black line, stories that could be close, distant or on the edge.


Daniel H. Rey: "El Álbum de Casi Todos is an exercise in potentialities. Here it does matter who we can become; speculating what happens when we come together, separate and get to know other ways of inhabiting the double fabric of society and the canvas. This is the game of trying almost everything, of feeling almost everything no matter how difficult it may seem. In short, a game worthy of coining a verb of its own. This is the game of entodarse (to become everithing)".


Pablo Linsambarth (Santiago de Chile, Chile, 1989) has a degree in Painting from the University of Chile and a Master in Arts, mention in Visual Arts from the same institution, and lives and works between Santiago de Chile and Madrid, Spain.


In 2016, he was awarded a scholarship by the AADK Network Spain platform to carry out a Project and Artistic Residency in the city of Murcia, Spain, obtaining funding from the same organization to produce a Video-Documentary in different locations in Morocco. He has exhibited individually and collectively inside and outside Chile, showcasing his work in various Institutions, Galleries, Museums, Art Fairs, and Artistic Residencies, notably the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires (MACBA), Argentina; Centro Párraga de Murcia, Spain; Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago (MAC), Chile; Galería El Apartamento, Madrid, Spain; Galería D21, Santiago de Chile; Vigil Gonzáles Gallery, Cusco, Peru; Hangar Art Residency / Centro de Investigación y Creación Artística, Lisbon, Portugal; ZK-U, Berlin, Germany; Reset Proa 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has also been featured in Contemporary Art Publications and Catalogs of specialized magazines and newspapers such as ART News; Artishock; Terremoto; El País; Babelia; Artes y Letras de El Mercurio; La Panera, among others. He has won the FONDART competition twice in the categories "Open Window: International Circulation" and "Open Window: Residencies."

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