The SOLO PROJECTS section exhibits six artists represented by their respective galleries. The section is intended as an opportunity to highlight the production of contemporary artists in such a way that visitors can relate to their work in a deeper and more personal way.


Entitled “Narrativas en Fuga” (Runaway Narratives) and curated by Oscar Roldán-Alzate, the section promotes contemporary art narratives where research, archives, ecology and the symbology of materials create a historically aware language.


CURATORIAL TEXT - Oscar Roldán-Alzate. curator


Solo Projects Pinta PArC is a section made up of highly recognized names on the international art scene. All of them, with diverse scopes, have consolidated languages ​​that allow them to speak with their own voice, contrast theories, and position versions of the world that, today more than ever, demand skillful readings from the artist to, in some way, shed light on social evolution. And this, in accordance with the social work of art, makes contemporary producers not only return their children to the dynamics of time, history, the hegemonic struggle against colonial positions highly revalued these days, but also compete with a sort of wide range of speeches that in one way or another make bold statements to move everyone's soul.


Runaway Narratives

Six projects by artists of different nationalities are intermingled in a section that enhances the nature of contemporary narratives in current art. Increasingly, research linked to creatives becomes more relevant in the strategies of artists. Archive, testimony, ecology, decolonial logic and, more recently, the return to a peak of a treatment of high dignity to the symbolic materials, which serve as input for the formal concretion of the artists, have renewed the panorama of the art system in Latin America. In all cases, but especially in this selection, each of the elaborations are of the highest quality, with a very particular awareness of the power of materiality, where the strength of the concept is not hidden. On the contrary, it is enhanced by the generous appearance of multiple forms of plastic communication; visual to the point of analogous interactivity that makes each project an experience that calls for performing activity from the viewer.


Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Peru, in addition to being the countries contained in this section, represent intertwined stories with encounters that seen through the lens of art allow weaving fabrics that communicate the origin through the diversity of languages ​​that have won more and more room on the international art scene. Thus, Pinta PArC is consolidated as a nutritious window to meet the identity and plurality of languages ​​that range from narrative abstraction to escapes that glimpse a defined territory that is certainly neat and which has many things to discover.

Participating artists:

Raúl Silva (CRISIS Gallery - Peru)

Ana González (La Cometa – Colombia / Spain)

Augusto Ballardo (NOW – Peru)

Dagoberto Rodríguez (Piero Atchugarry Gallery – United States / Uruguay)

Hernán Salvo (Sasha D art space – Argentina)

Federico Contini (PASTO – Argentina)


Oscar Roldán holds a Masters degree in Plastic Arts and is Magister in Political Science by the University of Antioquia. As an independent artist, he has held several solo and group exhibitions at national and international scales for which he obtained significant mentions and distinctions. In addition, he has led several cultural projects of a collective nature. In 2002, he began to develop cultural and curatorial research and between 2008 and 2014 he worked as Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin. In 2010 he founded the ALBO Program, a cultural intermediation platform that promotes site-specific projects by young Colombian artists in the art gallery Casa de la Música, Medellín. Also, in 2013 he was one of the five curators of the 43SNA - Saber Desconocer, held in Medellin.

As a political scientist, he maintains an analysis and research activity that he presents with a focus in History and Art Theory for multiple publications and academic settings. His Master’s degree research project is titled Art as the Constituent Power, Ten Cases in Colombian Art between 1995 and 2005.

Roldán currently directs the Department of Cultural Extension of the University of Antioquia, where he also participates in academic research in the Faculty of Arts, and is the Curator of Casablanca, Museo Débora Arango. Among his most recent curatorial research projects are: “Sociales. Débora Arango llega hoy…” by artist Carlos Garaicoa and “Medellín, transformación de una ciudad”, which was presented as an exhibition and book at the Assembly of the Inter-American Development Bank - IDB.

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