MACBA presents the exhibition Line and Vibration by Josefina Robirosa. It is curated by Rodrigo Alonso.


The exhibition brings together works from one of the artist’s periods in dialogue with women artists present in MACBA's permanent collection. It is a series that represents a change of direction in the career of the artist –who passed away last year–, with vibrant colors and geometric shapes, since during the rest of his career she focused on nature themes.


"A series of singular works, halfway between geometry and figuration, made up of multicolored lines and stripes, which not only empathizes with the pop-art chromatic revolution and the dynamisms of optical and kinetic art, but also offers a special look at the contemporary world," Rodrigo Alonso's curatorial text explains.

Josefina Robirosa (1932-2022, Buenos Aires) began her artistic activity when she was still very young, in the 1950s, when the Buenos Aires scene was animated by different versions of abstraction. Once the rigors of concrete art had been overcome, it was the lyrical aspect that prevailed at that time, a variant that emphasized subjectivism and sensibility.


He was part of the group of artists of the Di Tella Institute that revolutionized the artistic perception of Argentina in the 1960s. Around 1967, Robirosa began to experiment in painting with lines, stripes of colors and geometric games that alternated creating volumes, a version of optical art. Lines, synthetic figures, appearance of the human body, light, optical and geometric games. From 1969 to 1975 she withdrew into a rethinking of her work that led to a radical change in his image, which emerged through drawing. Towards the mid 70's, Robirosa's work moved towards figurative abstraction.

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