Del cielo a casa. Conexiones e intermitencias en la cultura material argentina  (From Heaven to Home. Connections and Intermittences in Argentina's Material Culture) is the exhibition at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) that brings together more than 600 pieces, including objects, works of art and documents that make up Argentina's everyday life.


It bets on an ethnographic look that, beyond authorship or processes, invites to approach material culture from the uses, customs, rituals and symbolisms that things generate in a society.


"The interweaving of objects, living spaces and work, weaves an extended network of meaning: it connects us emotionally with what is our own from a portion of that archive of common life in which design, art, industry and history are hybridized. They summon us to travel to the near past, to conjure anew the events and longings for the future that were inscribed there," emphasizes the curatorial team, a multidisciplinary group made up of historians, graphic and industrial designers, architects and editors in charge of the exhibition's concept and layout.


A series of thematic constellations articulates the tour where objects are grouped together without chronology, hierarchies, or distinction of disciplines, thus transgressing the limits of use and blurring the boundary between art and design. The exhibition covers three major areas: the identity of the territory, the design outside the canons and the political, social and economic vicissitudes of our country.


Del cielo a casa does not propose a historiography of Argentine design, but an essay on life in common condensed in things: from the great utopian visions to everyday life, from a helicopter to a slipper, from the Stent to the Octopus ball. "Things for life", according to the definition of the avant-garde designer Gerardo Clusellas (1929-1973).


This selection is completed by a set of audiovisual materials: institutional shorts, commercials and period films from the archives of the Filmoteca Buenos Aires, selected by Fernando Martín Peña (director of Malba Cine), and from the archives of the Museo del Cine "Pablo Ducrós Hicken", selected by specialists Raúl Manrupe and Andrés Levinson.


Curatorial team: Adamo Faiden, Leandro Chiappa, Gustavo Eandi, Carolina Muzi, Verónica Rossi, Juan Ruades, Martín Wolfson and Paula Zuccotti.

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