The work of Carola Zech, Argentinian artist of German descent, arrived, starting September 25th, at the German Embassy in Buenos Aires. A site-specific intervention, “Al azar del viento” (At the wind’s random will) is curated by Diana Weschler, also of German descent, and can be visited until November 28th as part of BIENALSUR 2021’s expositions.


The exhibition is notorious for its voluptuous colors and forms, and it seeks to explore the role of  chance and nature, both in tension with artistic production. “Can we learn to live and resist in a planet that is hurt? Can we create new bonds with what surrounds us?”, Zech asks as a starting point for her exhibition in the gardens of the German Embassy. She and curator Weschler both received the support of Dr. Ulrich Sante, Ambassador and himself an artist and sculptor, who is a firm advocate for the care of our environment.


The work is a modular system of geometric tin pieces, painted in an industrial manner. Together, they intervene tha gardens and part of the architecture in the German Embassy. In the words of its curator: “We know that a green is greener if it’s alongside a red and viceversa. Color studies have demonstrated their relativity features, among other things. The same thing happens when we analyse the relationship between forms, the interactions among themselves and with the space that they inhabit. These elements, both simple and complex in the multiplying variety of effects, are the raw materials that Carola Zech works with”. And she adds: “[the artist] works in a modular way. She builds pieces in which the trace of her own hand, or even the emotional gesture, are diluted as they search to become an ‘industrial production’. She builds spaces within the encounter of varied geometric shapes and colors. She establishes different ‘presences’ that virtually pierce through walls, ceilings or floors, installing strong directionalities that perforate through emptiness, giving birth to other volumes, obturating or expanding space”.

“Randomness and nature, in tension with artistic production, are two of the dimensions that are at stake. The interaction between them, the same as with the spectators that roam in this redesigned space, will generate experiences that allow the transit from curiosity to surprise, from playfulness to deliberation. Zech’s works reformulate space, they illuminate the architecture and intervene a garden to make of this a new space, an alteration where focus must be concentrated on -among other aspects- the impact of an action on other people, and everyone’s impact on the environment -be it natural or cultural- in which we inhabit, as space is also social and in constant construction”.


Among the works that dialogue are: “Como el cielo” (Like the heavens), “Nosotros” (Us) and “Magnetico de colores” (Colorful and magnetic), presented in the biennial’s curatorial axis “Fluid constellations”.


The exhibition can be visited at the German Embassy in Argentina (Villanueva 1055, Buenos Aires), from 2pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, presenting a valid ID and respecting a maximum capacity of 30 people. The entrance is free, without previous reservation, and will be available until November 28th.