The Art Advisory Services group —consultancy firm focused on contemporary art collecting— is offering a specialised training course led by Sofía Urbina. Founder of Art Advisory Services, Urbina has been working in the art industry for more than twenty years, both in the educational, journalistic and business sectors. Conceived as an online course with access to direct consultations, the course takes a journey through the essential elements to understand contemporary art, its language and the workings of the market, adding to this Urbina's extensive experience as an agent within the industry.

     Throughout the lockdown and with the shift of classes to the online format, Urbina noticed the interest that the subject she teaches as a professor at IE Business School aroused in the students. Aware of her experience as an art dealer, she thought that recording the classes would not be a bad idea to offer anyone interested in contemporary art circuits and the contemporary art market a learning platform. This is how the idea of developing the intensive course that forms part of Art Advisory Services came about.

Sofía Urbina, retrato.

     According to Urbina, the course is a representation of her way of understanding art and of showing the way in which she works as a private advisor. "The first reason why people buy art is out of passion," she explains, "however, as an advisor I try to converge the experience of a sensitive approach to the artwork with decision making related to certain investment parameters. Art has a very strong and dynamic market, with a lot of volatility". Basically, this is what the course aims to do: to train spectators with a gaze capable of transcending the aesthetic approach to works of art.

     However, according to its creator, the course is designed for all kinds of audiences. "The programme is designed to train anyone interested in the art industry, both for those who work in it and for those who want to start".




The course is divided into 7 online classes that aim to take a journey from the notion of contemporary art to the knowledge of the financial mechanisms that can be carried out within the market.


Class 1: Introduction to contemporary art.


Class 2: How does the art market works.


Class 3: Artworks valuation (how to estimate an approximate price and how to achieve an accurate valuation will be taught).


Class 4: Strategies for selling art.


Class 5: Art and finance (students will learn how finance artworks within the industry and the characteristics of art as a financial product that can be used for lending or investment in any kind of business).


Class 6: Art funds as attractive and high profit investment models.


Class 7: Law applicable to art (students will have knowledge of the legal framework that regulates both the market and the exhibition circuit of contemporary art).


    Why this course and not another? Well, because Sofía Urbina's background as a private advisor to institutions and collectors, in addition to her development within teaching in relation to the contemporary art market, give the Art Advisory Services course an absolutely original and practical character to understand the art industry from its inside. Likewise, Sofía Urbina explains that in crisis scenarios such as the one the world has been going through since the pandemic, art emerges as "a very attractive alternative investment because the art market functions autonomously from national markets".


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