From 06/15/2023 to 08/15/2023
Vigil Gonzales
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The gallery inaugurated a new space in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, presenting the group exhibition All Inclusive, with a selection of works by artists from the United States, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.


The axis that brings together these works is a posture that critically addresses social processes such as gentrification, migratory processes, subalternity and new forms of contemporary power, but at the same time also evidences a new voice that is becoming present in an encouraging and strong way from the Caribbean and Latin America, which seeks to place the contemporary art of this region in the sights of the whole world.


The work of Adrian Balseca, Amy Hussein, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Charlie Quezada, Jose Luis Martinat, Gonzalo Hernandez, Javier Barilaro and Karina Skvirsky evokes a new way of approaching and resignifying processes of creation of history and national imaginaries from the own voice of those who inhabit and make in spaces and nations that are in times of change. Similarly, they adress other topics such as processes of extractivism, both cultural and resource extractivism, and also how historical truths are constructed based on the vestiges and those who are capable of creating this narrative. This can be achieved through the transformation of the composition of objects into other material forms or experiences.


The space of contemporary art can be shown as a political arena where there are elements that are in dispute. From a Latin American position, in this selection of works, we seek a way to answer with a possibility of creation and agency that allows us to reflect an artistic production that echoes the local social panorama and at the same time invites to global dialogue. In the midst of the complexity of current challenges, these works represent a bold and courageous response to contemporary issues in Latin America. They stand as a space for resistance and the creation of new narratives. As the region faces profound changes and urgent challenges, these artists remind us of the importance of artistic expression as a form of resistance and social transformation.


The title refers to the all-inclusive resorts that increasingly occupy the Caribbean space and tourist zones around Latin America, often generating processes of displacement flows. This exhibition seeks a return to the locals, which gives life and value to the space and can also be seen as a point of creation and production.

All inclusive. Group exhibition.


Until August 15, 2023.


Vigil Gonzales Santo Domingo. Arzobispo Nouel 209. Colonial City.