From 11/18/2023 to 01/18/2024
Miami, Estados Unidos


Alex Slato Miami presents Portals, an exhibition of works by artist Richard Garet.


Portals es a spirited exhibition that features dynamic artwork in a range of mediums by Richard Garet, a pioneering media artist now based in south Florida. The show weaves together visceral patterns of images and sounds in poetic and evocative sound installations, moving image work informed by sound, and visceral two-dimensional abstractions. The viewer encounters art as more than just a physical object but as an experience that engages on entwined sensorial levels. Garet's media-derived art harkens back to color field painting and to the psychoacoustic music of such composers as Maryanne Amacher.


This collection of artworks at the heart of Portals lies the concept that each artwork functions as an access point, transporting the observer to unique realms of understanding. The sound art installations, approached conceptually, offer a thought-provoking departure from the conventional. Each piece engages in dynamic actions, encouraging viewers to experience sound and the performative nature of the work itself.

The moving image pieces, born from sound compositions and translated into moving images, remove sound but retain the essence of the auditory experience, offering an exploration of sound through the lens of vision. These abstract visuals, reminiscent of ethereal and dynamic transformations, entice viewers to contemplate the interplay between sound and image and the subtle boundaries that separate them.


The mixed media and canvas pieces featured in the exhibition, rooted in a meticulous process, invite viewers to appreciate the artistry of transformation. With textures that beckon tactile exploration and surfaces that carry the weight of creative intention, these works unveil layers of artistic evolution. The significance of the process becomes palpable as the metamorphosis of materials mirrors the shifting perceptions elicited by the exhibition itself.

Portals encapsulates Garet's art practice encouraging contemplation of the intricate connections between perception, interpretation, media, and artistic creation. It invites visitors to explore their relationship with art on a deeper level, nurturing a multi-sensory bond. Through this exploration, one may connect on a personal level to how art can dynamically interact with and shape one's awareness, reactions, and imagination.


Richard Garet is a contemporary multimedia artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1972. He holds an MFA from Bard College, NY. Garet has lived and worked in the United States since 1996. Richard Garet's work is recognized in the context of sound and visual arts and has been exhibited in galleries and institutions globally.

Garet examines the ontological interplay inherent in his materials, encompassing the activation of background noise, the orchestration of imagery and sounds, and the conduction of experiments using outdated and current technological apparatuses.


Through this intricate exploration, employing diverse media and materials to convey his artistic message, Garet's work culminates in abstractions, resulting in multidimensional artworks that challenge traditional artistic categorizations.


Portals. Individual exhibition by Richard Garet.


Until January 18th, 2024.


Alex Slato Miami. 710 NW 55th St, Miami, United States.

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