From 02/08/2023 to 03/03/2023
+ARTE Gallery
Quito, Ecuador

A proposal that reveals fragile bonds. Genetic inheritance tensions with material inheritance taking different nuances, testing possibilities of a familiar image of our time.


Herencia (Inheritance) by Daniela Merina and exhibited at +ARTE Galería is a documentary essay that recovers personal records of the artist. Through documentation, a story of loss is told. Memory, archive and objects intertwine to recreate a space related to home and the familiar. It is curated by Gabriela Moyano.


"When the physical house ceases to exist, something is broken and the fragility of blood ties and the determining force of a biological inheritance becomes evident," explains artist Daniela Merino.


The exhibition introduces the publication Herencia, which, using the format of a book, gives us a close and revealing look at this story.

Daniela Merino (Ecuador, 1977) obtained her degree in Communication and Art History at the University of San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador). After working as an editorial photographer, she moved to New York to continue her studies at the International Center of Photography. At the same time, she obtained her MFA in Film and New Media Studies at The New School for Social Reaserch (New York, USA).


She is a visual artist who is characterized by using photography, short films and the versatility of text as means to explore the thin line between reality and fiction. The approach to her subjects is from the reconstruction of memory and intimacy, through a poetic but direct language.


Her photographic work has been exhibited in Quito, New York, England, Philippines and Japan. His short film "El trato" (2011), won several international awards and has been screened in several festivals worldwide. Her documentary "El Mural" (2016), has been exhibited in several museums in Ecuador and galleries in New York. Currently, the artist is finishing her first photobook titled "Herencia" (2023), which will be published by the Mexican publishing house La Hydra.


Herencia. Daniela Merino. Solo Exhibition.


Until March 3, 2023.


+ARTE Gallery. Av. 12 de Octubre N26-48 and Abraham Lincoln, Quito, Ecuador.