From 11/29/2023 to 01/13/2024
México City, México.

First developed in 1974, Environnement Chromointerférent by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez challenges the notion of artwork and viewer as separate entities. The work is presented in RGR Gallery.


This work projects a sequence of parallel-colored strips arranged vertically using light onto walls, the ground, the public, objects, and space. A disorientating state of motion is experienced as the space it is projected on transforms and makes transparent all that is within it. This creates an environment where people and objects become one with the work, acquiring the twin roles of actors and authors in a complex chromatic event that unfolds before your very eyes.


By changing the relationship between viewer and artwork Cruz-Diez takes people out of the shadows and places them firmly in the spotlight.


Carlos Cruz-Diez (Caracas, Venezuela 1923 – Paris, France 2019) was one of the most prominent figures of Kinetic art whose work has been based upon the revaluation of color as an experience in itself, as a phenomenon of light in which interpretation or cultural background is no longer relevant. His artistic practice invites viewers to become conscious of how perceptual relationships constitute the aesthetic, and how every context implies a different approach and construction of the same artwork.


His research has positioned him as one of the key thinkers of the 20th century when it comes to color. He has contributed majorly to the possibility of rethinking the relations between artist, spectator, and art, framing them within a participative process rooted exclusively in the use of color. In 1959 Cruz-Diez began his series Physichromie, through which he realized the idea of chromatic autonomy and its impact upon the viewer’s environment; one of the results was an important body of work that in later decades surpassed the limits of painting and explored the transformation of diverse spaces through the manipulation of color.


His work emphasizes participation and interaction, spatial perception, and movement as the key elements of the artistic experience.


Environnement Chromointerférent by Carlos Cruz-Diez.


Until January 13, 2024.


RGR Gallery. Gral. Antonio León 48. Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec. México City. México.