As part of the curatorial proposal of Pinta Miami 2023, there are five Special Projects to honor different artistic identities.


40 years of uninterrupted democracy in Argentina. Curatorship: Irene Gelfman.


In the 2022 edition of Pinta Miami, the project Argentine Emerging Artists was presented, where 10 artists were selected to present their work during the fair. 


This year, on the occasion of 40 years of uninterrupted democracy in Argentina, Renata Molinari, a participating artist in the previous edition, is invited to present a site-specific project that revolves around the ideas of freedom, acquired rights, and democracy. 

Installations. Curatorship: Félix Suazo.


It seeks to maintain a focus on the relationship between art and its environment, whether intellectual, social or natural, through a selection of site-specific installations created by artists Anna Biondo, Carola Bravo and Alberto Cavalieri. These works were conceived for the outdoor areas of The Hangar, the former Pan American Coconut Grove base, site of Pinta Miami 2023.


Anna Biondo claims the necessary symbiosis of the natural and the human, using materials, shapes, and colors that evoke flight and healing. 


Carola Bravo addresses the issue of immigration —one of the most controversial issues of contemporaneity— seeking an empathetic and reflexive reception.  


Alberto Cavalieri focuses his work on the friction between desires and needs in the process of cultural valuation and legitimization, combining the material, the textual, and the intangible.

Mexican Roots.


For the second time in a row, the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami, through the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Miami (ICM), will be present at Pinta Miami 2023 representing the outstanding Mexican artists, Jazzamoart and Karla Kantorovich, with works that make visible the Mexican Roots, through amate paper installations and Mexican style masks. 

The trace of Rome. Curatorship: Lincoln Fontanills.


The Royal Academy of Spain in Rome celebrates its 150th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, an extensive program of activities has been organized throughout the year with the collaboration of various institutions. The Consulate General of Spain in Miami joins the celebrations and, for the first time, participates in Pinta Miami 2023 by presenting the work of seven artists who were scholarship recipients at the academy.


The group of participating artists is composed of BEATRIZ RUIBAL, Pontevedra 1969 (2016- 2017 Fellow), ELVIRA AMOR, Madrid 1982 (2022 - 2023 Fellow), MIKI LEAL, Sevilla 1974 (2016 - 2017 Fellow), NICOLÁS COMBARRO, La Coruña 1979 (2018 - 2019 Fellow), SANTIAGO YBANEZ, Jaén 1969 (2016 - 2017 Fellow), LOS BRAVÚ Collective, (Dea Gómez) Salamanca 1989 and Diego Omil (Pontevedra 1988) (Grantees 2016 - 2017) and MANU MAUNITGIANDIKOTXEA, Bergara Guipúzcoa 1966 (Grantee 2022 - 2023) who represent a diversity of styles and perspectives within Spanish contemporary art.

Amateur Gods. Artist: Isabel Englebert.


In the series "Amateur Gods" Isabel poses the question of the self-construction of the SELF, opening debates on the body and human identity, making comments on genetics, technology, and society. In an autoreferential investigation, she hereby seek to rethink our essence and its haphazardness, delving into what is it that constructs us as beings, that ensures our uniqueness in the midst of a plurality of existences.


Isabel Englebert is a multidisciplinary postconceptual artist working in the crossroads of art, science, technology and linguistics. She studied Economics, and graduated in Communication Sciences at Universidad del Salvador (2002). She was trained in design at Central Saint Martins, London, and in jewelry at L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris. She participated in numerous courses in different fields, such as Medical Neurosciences at Duke University (2020). Since 2012, Englebert has been working on interdisciplinary projects within the framework of her studio Isabel Englebert Studio, and since 2020 she has been working in conceptual art series.

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