Curated by Giuliana Vidarte and Irene Gelfman, the NEXT and RADAR sections of Pinta Miami 2023 provide a space for dialogue, encounter, expansion and dissemination of artists.


NEXT – Curated by Giuliana Vidarte.

The section proposes the visualization of emerging galleries with relevance within the contemporary scene of their respective regions.


This edition of Pinta Miami brings together a selection of ten South American galleries in exchange and collaboration partnerships. Within the five stands, which are part of the section, the proposals of eighteen Latin American creators are presented. In this edition, the galleries from Lima, Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, Cordoba, Rosario, Valparaiso and Bogota promote projects that are developed as spaces of encounter, experimentation and training, and that seek to contribute to the decentralization of artistic practices in their contexts, by hosting proposals that unfold from the diversity of ecosystems that are part of the shared territories in Latin America.

The desert and coastal strips, the Amazonian forest, the Andes and urban environments are spaces from which the artists recognize communities and shared problems to establish reflections on the conditions of the present and the possible new configurations of scenarios for the future. Personal histories and collective memories converge in common means of creation, expression and expansion that confront historical times and propose fluid identities. The landscapes of virtuality, the imaginaries of mythology and ancestral visuality, the particularities of the bodies and beings that coexist in these ecosystems are reviewed to analyze the interrelationships between different vital environments and the contradictions and conflicts of contemporary societies.


Participating galleries, proposals in pairs.

PER Art Projects. Lima, Peru + Valerie's Factory. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cindy Ramirez + Trinidad Metz Brea and Julieta Proto.


Bloc Art. Lima, Peru + Crudo Arte Contemporáneo. Rosario, Argentina.

María Eugenia Moya and Ivet Salazar + Nicole Mazza and Edgar Murillo.


Casa del Barrio. Guayaquil, Ecuador + The White Lodge. Córdoba, Argentina.

Andrea Moreira and Leandro Pesantes + Pablo Peisino and Rosa Mercerdes Gonzáalez.


Salón Comunal. Bogotá, Colombia + Subsuelo. Rosario, Argentina

Bernardo Montoya and Néstor Gutiérrez + Alicia Nakatsuka and Beatriz Trepat.


Moria Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina + Judas. Valparaíso, Chile.

Santiago Paredes + Carolina Agüero and Camilo Ortega.

RADAR - Curated by Irene Gelfman.

There is a quest to highlight the production of contemporary artists, delving into the work of one or two artists selected by each gallery. It is the perfect opportunity for visitors to interact more deeply and personally with the artists.


Participating galleries:

Durban Segnini Gallery. Miami, United States.

Marcolina Dipierro + Andres Arzuaga.


A Ciegas Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

Adriana Berges + Pablo Pérez Palacio


Kubikgallery. Porto, Portugal.

Manoela Medeiros + Felipe Cohen


Ek Balam Rosas. Mexico City, Mexico.

Vicente Grondona + Max Gómez Canle.


Trinta Gallery, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Sabine Finkenauer + Ángela Valella.

Pinta Miami

December 6–10, 2023.

The Hangar - 3385 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133.

Tickets here.

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