From 05/13/2023 to 07/15/2023
Mexico City, Mexico.

Galería RGR presented Cosmic Rational, the first solo exhibition by Matthias Bitzer in Mexico. For this exhibition the multidisciplinary artist presents a constellation between painting, installation, and collage that reflects on the complexity of finding one’s place in our rapidly accelerating, refracting present.


Matthias Bitzer is concerned with identity from an existentialist position. His work constantly unveils the fragility of what we take as “truth.”, immersing the viewer in a world of figuration, geometric patterns, superimposed images and abstraction. Each work is a window to a horizon of multiple possibilities and meanings.


One of the main protagonists of the exhibition is “happy Eddie”, an eel-like metamorphic figure who, in Bitzer’s world, has the capacity to perpetually reconfigure, reconstruct and camouflage himself; either expanding like an accordion in the multimedia installation cosmic rational, compactly coiling into a luminous bull’s eye in the Eddie Spaghetti painting, or discreetly traversing other compositions, waiting to be found. In parallel, Bitzer is also presenting works from his collage series entitled Phosphor Notes. Throughout his career, Bitzer has been interested in capturing experiences, memories and sensations, which has led him to form different groups of hypomnemas that capture the fleetingness of our times.


Bitzer’s work is not fixed; acquires and builds various meanings in every observer’s mind. For Bitzer, everything that happens is spontaneous, organic, multiple, simultaneous, moldable and infinite. His artwork represents the perpetuity of the “constant” in the changing; it adapts to any experiment, day, and space; it is not limited to a painting, a piece, a discourse, an exhibition, or an era.

Mathhias Bitzer (Stuttgart, Germany, 1975) is a contemporary artist whose poetic and enigmatic work involves figurative painting with abstraction and ornamental geometries. His passion for literature, poetry, and science results in an optical network that connects gaps in our perception of time and space.


Bitzer’s unique artistic language often explores themes of identity, perception, and the relationship between the individual and society. He references artists from the 19th and 20th centuries such as Lászlò Moholy Nagy or Oskar Schlemmer. Nevertheless, his work goes beyond what his predecessors explored.


Cosmic Rational. Solo exhibition by Matthias Bitzer.


Until July 15th, 2023.


Galería RGR. Gral. Antonio León 48. Colonia San Migue Chapultepec. Mexico City, Mexico.