From 11/24/2022 to 12/30/2022
Vitacura, Chile

Colección Desconocida (Unknown Collection), exhibited at NAC Gallery, is a display of pieces that allude to functional objects that are impossible to classify, the result of the exhaustive work of artists Antonia Bañados and Rocío Olivares.


The starting point of the project is the observation of the showcases of anthropology museums, where the objects have been removed from their original context and function, whether domestic, ritual or hygienic; allowing them to be perceived as ambiguous in this new order.

The pieces and their dispersion in space explore aesthetics related to the functional and to modern architecture in Chile; however, at the same time, they explore aesthetics and scales typical of the domestic and decorative world, even with the color pink as the protagonist.

Rebelliousness or resistance to classification is a theme that both artists have explored throughout their careers, independently; and in this exhibition, –which is tinged with allusive references to the domestic and the traditionally feminine–, both artists accentuate it, incorporating the seduction of materiality, through culturally revolutionary media as ceramics and porcelain. The universe created by Bañados and Olivares is also transformed into a space that appeals to the senses, evidencing the link between ceramic and pastry techniques, inviting the viewer to experience material seduction and to establish readings that involve senses and memories beyond the visual.

"Despite the fact that ambiguity can mean a failure for the pedagogical and historical preservation objectives of a museum, for us this space of non-recognition and speculation is attractive, as it resists conclusion. The pieces that make up our "Unknown Collection" appeal then to a non-explicit functionality, to references to architecture, to tableware of different origins to domestic objects, among others, that refuse to be classified, playing at the same time with strangeness and familiarity," says artist Rocio Olivares.

Antonia Bañados (1990) is a contemporary artist and author of graphic narrative, with a degree in Art from the Catholic University of Chile and a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice from Edinburgh College of Art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and cultural spaces in Chile, UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal, highlighting the solo exhibitions Campo del Cielo (NAC Gallery, 2021), Topografía de Ruta (Franca Gallery, 2019), Guidelines for Disappearance (Geological Museum of Lisbon, 2018) and Pauta para el Caos (AFA Gallery, 2017).

Rocío Olivares (1990) holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Catholic University of Chile and a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University. Her work has been shown in spaces such as La Place Art Space (Barcelona, Spain); Drawing Center (New York, USA); Museum of the Moving image (New York, USA); Museums Quartier (Vienna, Austria); Sean Kelly Gallery (New York, USA); Mana Contemporary (New Jersey, USA); Cindy Rucker Gallery (New York, USA); Museum of Visual Arts (New York, USA). UU.); Museo de Artes Visuales (Santiago, Chile); Galería Bicentenario, Estación Mapocho (Santiago, Chile); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Quinta Normal (Santiago, Chile), highlighting the solo exhibitions Espalier (Casona Armería, Santiago, 2021), Rewind (Dilalica Gallery, Barcelona, 2019).


Unknown Collection. Exhibition by Rocío Olivares and Antonia Bañados.

Until December 30, 2022.

NAC Gallery. Américo Vespucio Norte 2878, Vitacura, Chile.