From 05/06/2023 to 05/27/2023
Casa del Barrio
Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian gallery Casa del Barrio inaugurated the exhibition Elemental by artist Pamela Suasti with 15 pieces made mainly with kneaded felt.


This is the artist's first solo exhibition in the city of Guayaquil. The exhibition’s text explains: "ELEMENTAL. Forms of a form, is the beginning of an experimental, material and morphological path, guided by the circular element.


This exercise combines, on the one hand, the encounter with the material: wool, the soft and its transformation by rubbing, kneading and modeling; and, on the other hand, the curiosity for the birth of forms, their states and variations. The sphere, the circle and the void, as forms of origin, give way to a succession of possibilities to think about the power and beauty of the simple.


In a constant and committed game, a series of felt spheres germinate that consolidate in repetition and insistence".

Pamela Suasti (Quito, Ecuador, 1991), is a Visual Artist by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, PUCE (2014), graduated from the Specialization of Contemporary Textile Artistic Practices by the Universidad Nacional de Artes de Buenos Aires (2021-2022). She is dedicated to the production, experimentation and research of textile techniques, as well as to the understanding of weaving as an innate manifestation of nature and a symbol of spirituality. Her practice is a statement of research-doing; the hands are the tool par excellence to understand, create and know the world. This is why her relationship with textiles is based on doing. Making as a mode of resistance, of study, of transmission and transmutation from the sensitive to the material.


In 2022, she won the Acquisition Prize in the V edition of Premio Brasil at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito.


She has participated in group exhibitions among the most relevant: VII Edition Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid, Spain (2023); X International Biennial of Textile Art, 25 years of World Textile Doral Art at Contemporary Museum (DORCAM) (2022); V Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art CONTEXTILE, Guimaraes Portugal (2022) and V Edition Brazil Emerging Art Award at the Contemporary Art Center of Quito (2022). His work has been exhibited in Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, United States, Portugal and Spain.


Elemental. Solo exhibition by Pamela Suasti.


Until May 27, 2023.


Casa del Barrio. 200 Panama Street and Juan Montalvo. Guayaquil, Ecuador.