The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires presented the exhibition Bravaria, the first solo show of artist Sofia Torres Kosiba in a museum of the city. It is curated by Raúl Flores.


From a group of sculptures and a video performance, the artist creates a fictional world, between a playroom and the necropolis, in which humor, eroticism, the disturbing atmosphere of fairy tales and gothic stories, and a subtle violence combine to expose the sinister limit between beauty and horror that hide behind the disappointing alignment of everyday life.


The kingdom of Bravaria is a devastated territory, whose ruined architecture contrasts with the organic forms of the beings that inhabit it. These alchemical characters, worked in cement, iron and foam rubber, carry in their bodies the contradiction of a rigid crust and a soft interior. The inhabitants of this fantastic kingdom, now turned into monuments, remain immobile, waiting for an oversight to start moving.


In the video performance, the artist herself embodies the Bird Woman, sovereign of Bravaria. Her dialogue with the birds evokes the public spaces and the historical past of its collapsed picturesque statues, to transform them through a parodic and oneiric look into a dreamlike present where opposite feelings such as tenderness and terror are reconciled.

Sofía Torres Kosiba is a transdisciplinary artist, independent curator, researcher and postgraduate teacher. She is a specialist in Performance Studies at the National University of Córdoba.


She conceives all her practices as technologies of a work in art, where she integrates without prejudice and without measure all kinds of languages and manifestations. Installations and performance, drawing, writing, textiles, painting, sculpture and photography, singing and activism, esotericism, humor, design, beauty and horror, dramaturgy, eroticism, politics and aesthetics of the body, self-management and institutionalism, action on the edges and centers, anthropology and entertainment, contemporary theories and popular knowledge. She created "Lxs cantorxs del horto", "La fábrica de baile", "En el campo, las estrellas", "Mommia" and "Temporada Alta" among many other collective actions. The management of emotions, contradiction, bewilderment and communitas are some of her recurrent triggers.

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