La Otra Verdad (The Other Truth), the most recent individual exhibition of the artist Harry Chavez, is presented at the Ricardo Palma Cultural Center.


The exhibition gathers a total of 20 works made with meticulous detail during the last 3 years. In these works, the artist pours through symbols and allegories the result of a long research on the shamanic tradition and its link with pre-Hispanic and visionary art in Peru. Chavez proposes through his art a living, contemporary mythology.


Curatorial text by Gabriel Gargurevich.


A kind of magic comes to us like a torch, and we enter the cave to discover the guardians of a world that was always there, although we never knew where, paraphrasing the poet who spoke of the sea, "that soul that we had and that we barely remember our own". The jaguar grows wings and we fly with him towards death, we change skin with the snake, the scorpion makes us really see, the crab, digging, digging, takes us to the jaws of a living, organic totem, and the condor reminds us of the search for breadth, beyond the horizon of the everyday, closer to the extraordinary.

The hypnotic beauty of the reddish panther is the jewel that links us to the invisible, the vital energy of the universe, the deepest part of the human psyche, whose historical manifestations are present in the ancestral cultures of the world, as well as in the fenders of a truck that roars on the roads of a driver who struggles to bring sustenance to the family. 


Harry Chavez's art is the torch that reaches us like an accessible magic to all, it is our primary emotions; it activates our seer potential, it installs a software that allows us to be actors of a neonic and dark staging, and we recite the parliaments guided by the mysterious signs that it leaves on the walls of this gallery.

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