Installations, death and futurism coexist in this solo exhibition by the spatial artist Guadaloup Vilar. The Argentine artist presents her works and installations at the Greatorex Street space in London during September and October, within the framework of the Frieze fair.


The Desvestida series is materialized from fictional narratives. These narratives describe future societies that yearn to reverse the ecological, physiological and environmental disaster caused by today's civilization. Some pieces represent states of consciousness and are set on spiritual axes, while others represent the skins and traces left behind in the technological process of these fictions.


Set in the year 9968, this series represents a civilization whose economic problems have been solved and is now deeply focused on ecological and cultural issues.


The textile series is called Desvestida (Undressed) because garments no longer serve a utilitarian function due to the extreme efficiency and development of human civilization. "This transition proved indispensable for me," the artist describes, "allowing me to move away from building on the body to start creating sculptures in space."

Desvestida is part of the Tellus Triannual, organized at Greatorex Street as an exhibition series with an emphasis on site-specific installations. The aim is to exhibit experimental art that considers the relationship between physical space and social context. Artist-run, Tellus exhibits emerging artists alongside established ones.


Born in Buenos Aires, where she developed her garment studio, Guadaloup Vilar is now based in London. She makes her entire work with leftover and recycled materials, constructing and revaluing principles of sustainability and creative responsibility.