Like every year, MEXTRÓPOLI is an idea detonator that seeks to include voices that come from various disciplines and practices. Architects, urban planners, designers, but also writers, artists, and public officials are invited to a reflection that becomes much more necessary in current conditions. Cities are still inhabited and designed: the construction of culture through architecture cannot stop.


The celebration of the international festival MEXTRÓPOLI aims to expand the coverage and cultural and citizen use of public space in cities, encouraging the community to exercise their creative, critical and participatory capacity. From the knowledge and interaction with experiences from different parts of the world that turn their gaze to the Mexican metropolis, this, in turn, returns it generating an enriching dialogue. For a certain time, Mexico City becomes a powerful cultural, tourist and citizen attraction, positioning the country's capital at the head of initiatives that are committed to the generation of new spaces that promote the construction of urban culture.


This year, the activities will be held mostly online.


May 13, 5pm CDT: “Contemporary Chilean Architecture” [virtual panel]
Within the framework of the exhibition Winter: Images of Chilean Architecture, presented at the Museum of Mexico City in partnership with the Chilean Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage. The architects Mathias Klotz, Cecilia Puga, and Sofía von Ellrichausen will talk about the practices of women in Chile, one of the most relevant sites of contemporary architecture. The panel will be moderated by Miquel Adrià. 

May 20, 1pm CDT: Flores & Pratts Conference [virtual]
The Catalan office Flores & Prats will give a tour of its most relevant projects, such as the Sala Beckett, and the lines that direct its work, among which are the exhaustive documentation of each project and the restoration.

May 287pm CDT: Teodoro en Concreto [streaming]
Urban planner and architect, Teodoro González de León played an important role in the construction of Mexico City, with a work that ranges from the first modernity in Mexico to projects made in the 21st century. The documentary Teodoro en Concreto captures his life and work in an intimate and rigorous way.

*All activities will be in Spanish.



Cover photo: Teodoro González de León. Photo by Miquel Adrià.

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