The Museo de Arte de Lima presents this May 31 the 29th edition of its traditional Art Auction.


This year there are 53 lots that bring together artists whose practices range across various media, in an event to be held at the Miraflores Park, at Belmond Hotel, on Wednesday, May 31st.


This edition is committed to showcasing unique pieces that go from historical to contemporary artists, in a catalogue divided into five sessions. The selection seeks to highlight works by renowned Peruvian artists, as well as to present new exponents of the visual arts, promoting collecting and the importance of promoting art in the country.


The catalog includes great masters of Peruvian academic painting, as well as traveling and regional artists, in addition to exceptional expressions of colonial art as part of the Historical Session. The Modern Session, which is divided in two, shows an outstanding selection of the great artists of the 20th century, from Indigenism to abstraction. The Contemporary Session presents some of the most interesting exponents of the emerging Peruvian art scene, with emphasis on the youngest production. And finally, the Applied Arts Session, which seeks to explore the different areas of Peruvian design, including both expressions of regional traditions and forms of applied arts developed in the urban environment of the 21st century.


Among the list of renowned artists are Elena Izcue, Vinatea Reinoso, Alberto Lynch, José Sabogal, Julia Navarrete; and contemporary artists such as Alberto Casari, Dante Murillo, Marysol Nanfuñay and Sandra Gamarra.


As part of the program, the TU/YO MALI talks are back, where each lot will be discussed in detail, recognizing its importance. The speakers will be Armando Andrade, vice-president of the Auction Committee, Ricardo Kusunoki, MALI curator, and Max Hernández Calvo, guest curator.

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