For the third consecutive year, the Berne-based non-profit organisation art+château its next exhibition of contemporary art in an historic castle. Open until September 25th, Beyond Baroque is curated by Dr. Valentina Locatelli, with the assistance of Giulia Busetti.


This year’s exhibition Beyond Baroque will take place at the stunning Schloss Waldegg (Waldegg Castle, Canton of Solothurn), bringing together fourteen Swiss and international contemporary artists whose artistic practices demonstrate an intimate yet unexpected visual relation with the traditional formal vocabulary of the Baroque period.


The artworks included in the exhibition highlight different aspects of the permanence and reinterpretation of the Baroque style in contemporary art and in today’s society, offering a fresh and surprising insight into this subject. Artworks of different media – drawings, paintings, videos, sculptures, installations, and a music performance – enter into dialogue with the architecture of Waldegg Castle and some of its most iconic, historic holdings.

“In general, any artistic creation that is worthy of being defined as baroque is easily detectable by the desire of his/her creator to generate a strong and even radical expressive reaction in the viewer.” explains Locatelli. “Becoming the emotional canvas on which the artist projects his exuberant creative force, the public is offered an aesthetic experience that is typically modern. Using very distinctive and diverse creative strategies and medias, the works by the fourteen artists exhibited for the first time at Waldegg Castle articulate their “baroqueness” by generating a sense of atemporality, surprise or marvel and dramatic physical involvement. They speak of artificiality and illusion or dream, overconsumption and excess, beauty and the grotesque, mortality and death.”

Participating artists:

Pável Aguilar (b. Honduras) with Mar Boreal (b. Honduras); Jan Bajtlik (b. Poland) with Lynn Frydman Kuhn (b. USA); Franziska Baumgartner (b. Switzerland); Kaspar Flück (b. Switzerland); Christian Fogarolli (b. Italy); Charlotte Hug (b. Switzerland); Luisa Kasalicky (b. Czech Republic); Alina Kopytsia (b. Ukraine) with Coco Schwarz (b. Switzerland); Gergana Mantscheva (b. Bulgaria); Verena Thürkauf (b. Switzerland) and Yuan Yuan (b. China).


art+château is a not-for-profit association created in 2018 and based in Bern, Switzerland. art+château works with both emerging and established artists from around the globe to present contemporary art within alternative historic settings outside of the "white cube". art+château's mission is to build a platform for the exchange between local and international art scenes and make it accessible to a diverse public.

Board of Directors: Dr. Valentina Locatelli, Co-Founder and President of the Board; Catherine Scharf Chevalley; Dr. Daniela Knaller; and Christopher Duckett, Co-Founder and Treasurer of the Board.

Advisory Council: Dr. Barbara Dawson, Director of the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland; Dr. Hans-Michael Herzog, Curator, Zürich. Co-Founder and former President of the Board; Betsabeé Romero, Visual Artist, Mexico. Co-Founder and former Vice-President of the Board.