The 43rd edition of ARCOmadrid, Spain's International Contemporary Art Fair, has at its core the program The Shore, the Tide, the Current: An Oceanic Caribbean, which revolves around the artistic scenes of the territories connected by that sea.


From March 6 to 10, the 43rd edition of ARCOmadrid will be held, with the participation of 205 galleries from 36 countries. The fair will showcase the current international art scene in dialogue with Spanish art.


ARCOmadrid presents the program The Shore, the Tide, the Current: An Oceanic Caribbean curated by Carla Acevedo-Yates and Sara Hermann Morera. In addition, it presents artistic contents with the General Program galleries, as the main axis of the fair –selected by the Organizing Committee–, and the "Opening" section, curated by Cristina Anglada and Yina Jimenez Suriel, where a selection of young galleries will be presented. The section Never the Same. Latin American Art, curated by Jose Esparza Chong Cuy and Manuela Moscoso, continues to strengthen the historic link with the region's artistic proposals.

The shore, the tide, the current: an oceanic Caribbean.

The curatorial text explains: "Its curators, Carla Acevedo-Yates and Sara Hermann propose, from a careful selection of artists and galleries, a possible reading of the complex and fertile intersection between land and sea that arises from and towards the shore. They propose a starting point, a place from which to enunciate, from visuals, sounds, essences and touches, a proposal for a dialogue on stories, memories and identities that are in constant flux, transformation and mutation". 19 galleries such as David Castillo, Hutchinson Modern & Contemporary, Monique Meloche, Patron, Praise Shadows Art Gallery, Tern Gallery, Espacio Mínimo or Helga de Alvear will participate.

Opening: about emerging galleries.

The section was curated by Cristina Anglada, resident between Mallorca and Madrid, and Yina Jinémez Suriel, based in the Dominican Republic. It was decided to accompany the galleries and their proposals in the freest possible way, where the fair can best assist in the realization of these projects. All the galleries are less than seven years old and present around three artists per stand. The galleries invited include: Espacio Continuo (2021, Bogota), Piedras (2018, Buenos Aires), Fermay (2020, Palma de Mallorca) and Chiquita Room (2018, Barcelona), among others.

Never the Same. Latin American Art.

A continuation of the initiative to create a heterogeneous space of Latin American artists to "challenge the simplistic and traditionally dominant perceptions associated with Latin America, where the first selection criteria focuses on highlighting the complex narratives of the region, with the purpose of expanding, enriching and sharing experiences in the region through diverse artistic expressions".


Curated by Jose Esparza Chong Cuy and Manuela Moscoso, it will be formed by a selection of artists from Latin America from 12 galleries such as A Gentil Carioca, Jaqueline Martins, _Vigilgonzales, Isla Flotante, Millan, N.A.S.A.L. and Proyectos Ultravioleta.

Other programs.

Added to the general program, there is a total of 28 Artist Projects, presented by 32 galleries, including Peppi Bottrop (Ehrhardt Florez + Meyer Riegger), Laia Abril (Set Espai d'Art), Zila Leutenegger (Peter Kilchmann), Concha Jérez (Freijo), Mónica Miranda (Carlos Carvalho), Esther Boix (Marc Domènech), Concha Jérez (Freijo), Mónica de Miranda (Carlos Carvalho), Esther Boix (Marc Domènech), Josep Ponsatí (Prats Nogueras Blanchard+Bombon Projects), Carles Congost (House of Chappaz) or Elena Aitzkoa (Rosa Santos).


On the other hand, ArtsLibris will once again be present at ARCOmadrid with more than eighty publishers from twenty countries that will be joined by different presentations of publications in the Arts Libris Speaker's Corner space.

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