A Lot with Little, a touring multi-channel film installation by Noemí Blager and Tapio Snellman at Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), showcases architects worldwide who are innovating sustainable solutions in housing, education, building transformation, and disaster relief, emphasizing social impact alongside environmental consciousness.


Hosted by Prague’s Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) until March 3, the exhibition aligns with the city’s focus on sustainable development. Additionally, CAMP has curated a catalogue titled Little Resources, Big Change, showcasing local projects with a similar ethos, furthering the exhibition’s message with the local context.


The range of projects is remarkably diverse: social housing in the suburbs of Barcelona, rural schools in the Peruvian Amazon, a children’s rehabilitation center in Asunción, Paraguay, and emergency housing for landless Bangladeshi women, as well as a school of architecture in Nantes by Pritzker Prize winners Lacaton & Vassal and a technology campus on the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya by Kéré Architecture. Viewers can see the individual projects through a multi-channel film installation. Film footage of the projects in everyday use is accompanied by interviews with the architects themselves. 


First showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023, the exhibition visits a few selected cultural metropolises—Chicago, Zurich, Berlin, Guangzhou—and now Prague.


A unique 25-meter-long projection screen at Prague’s Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning takes viewers on an extraordinary journey around a diverse and complex world. Visitors sail through a variety of geographical, cultural, social, and economic contexts and discover the problems facing contemporary architecture.

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