Tiempo real (Real Time) is an installation by artist Vivian Galban now on view at Fundación Larrivière Fotografía Latinoamericana, curated by Raúl Flores and in association with the Buenos Aires Performance Biennale. It was previously exhibited at Rolf Art (2019), BAphoto (2019) and Paris Photo (2023).


Tiempo real is an interactive installation where visitors can get to know the camera, discover how the mechanism and process of creating photographic images was before the digital era, witness how other people are photographed, walk around the room and watch projected videos that show the actual process, be photographed by the artist with the giant camera and attend the development that the artist will make of the photo just taken.


Caja negra. By Raúl Flores.

Vivian Galban constructs a new version of a human-scale camera obscura, accompanied by a call to engage with the device and the photographic process, leaving evidence of one's presence in the exact record. The existential relationship between the subject photographed and the photograph adds a significant layer to this process, where the captured image becomes a tangible testament to the connection between the individual and the instant in real time. Thus, it not only visually documents one's passage but also establishes a palpable link between the subject's past and present, creating a visual narrative that transcends the act of viewing. This existential relationship between the subject and the photograph reinforces the role of the image as a means of preserving and sharing the human experience. As spiritualists once believed: photography can also capture souls.

–Raúl Flores.


The Larivière Foundation lies in the neighborhood of La Boca, in the City of Buenos Aires, the repository of a large and highly relevant collection of 20th century Latin American photography, representing a space for the community to enjoy. The Foundation holds exhibitions, produces publications and runs educational programs as part of its efforts to preserve, study and disseminate the work of the artists in the Collection. Its doors are open to the entire community, local and international, and it pursues the aim of becoming a meeting point and point of reference for Latin American photography. The Collection is housed at the Foundation’s headquarters, in a space specifically designed to respect ideal conservation conditions, including temperature and humidity control at all times.

Vivian Galban (1969, Argentina) lives and works in Buenos Aires. She studied Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (1993) and completed a postgraduate degree in Conservation and Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage at the same institution (1996). She founded the first Interactive Multimedia Development Agency: MediaLab Argentina, Buenos Aires and Mexico City (1996/2012) and the first 3D Modeling and Layout Center in Buenos Aires (1994/1996). Her practice unfolds in the research of photography as a medium, questioning the support and photographic processes in contemporary times. As for her academic activity, she works with applied technology, and her role as an educator and architect is part of her artistic research.